Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Wild Women

Beyonce has a new single out, the video is just as crazy looking at the last one. I never thought I would say this but maybe she should go back to working with her father. Or get Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to help her like they did Janet after she broke away from her father.

Poor Bey has a bad case of Show Parent Syndrome, her mother had it out with Miss Jones. You can listen to the audio here.

As some of you may have read or heard Osama bin Laden thought about killing Bobby Brown. Does he still feel the same way now that Whitney has lost her mind? I can see how a couple years go he might have felt that way but now she is a huge mess. Bobby her daughter she not doing much better. If you have a Myspace page then you can find her and her poolside bikini photos. While Whitney is being Whitney and Bobby Brown is hanging out with Superhead, who is taking care of their daughter? I hope not pothead Diane Warwick.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Team Crazy

I’m sure that everyone has heard about Tom Cruise’s “Firing” from Paramount. Normally I would be happy if an obnoxious, annoying Hollywood star would get their comeuppances (I’m looking at you Lindsay Lohan). But when I heard the news I almost felt sorry for CrazyT (don’t start throwing stones). I’m ashamed to say I’m on Team Tom Crazy for the following reasons:
1. Studios are evil, let’s not forgot that. They still allow the Wayan Brothers to make movies.Tom being crazy was not the reason they dropped him. It’s all economics-or maybe they're afraid that Tom will make a scientology version of 'Passions of the Christ'.
2. Michael Jackson and Roman Polanski were not dropped after their heinous crimes. I guess molesting children and rape are not in the same league as being crazy and letting billions of people know it.
3. Tom has heavily criticized psychiatry- although he’s definitely one person that could use a good shrink. I put psychiatrists up there with chiropractors in the quack department. Sometimes crazy just can’t be cured.
Allow me to use some of my entrepreneurial skills. So if you’re down with Team Crazy show it! Follow the link to get your official crazy gear:Here!

So Brad's mom hates Angie?!

She's not the only one

But then she takes absolutely stunning pictures like this one for St. John

Maybe she's not so bad

Quincy Jones is a dirty old man

Pictured with his 19 year-old Egyptian "fashion designer" girlfriend. Honey, you can't call yourself a designer until you actually design something.

Ecstasy anyone?

Lindsay leaving a nightclub high as a kite!

So Jay performed with Mariah at her concert in NYC. Why Jay? WHY WHY?

Jay to Mariah:"My girl has this fashion line with her moms. She can hook you up with some clothes." Mariah is probably the only person in which House of D would be a step up.

No reason for this picture. But that Sanaa Lathan looks really cute and should be in more movies.

Why is Holly staring. Holly, the cuteness does not rub off.

And the Lionel Richie video with Nicole premiered. Put the video on mute and watch Nicole.

And it's the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. And still not one person has been held accountable for the aftermath. Not the Mayor (Mr. "This city will remain chocolate"), the Governor, and definitely not the President.
Spike is telling the story for the people of N.O. The four part series started this week on HBO


Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I am going to make this one short because there is not much I can really think about writing about after seeing this image other than, please QueenFranklin get some help.

Image from Radio One 25th Anniversary

Friday, August 18, 2006

The first one is a paycheck, the second one is insurance

Puffy and Kim Porter announced that they are expecting their second child together. Third child for Puffy (that he knows of). It seems that Ms. Porter is still trying to get her MRS. Girl, getting pregnant may not get you there. Do you think Puff is going to want to pay child support and a possible alimony payment? I think not!
So let's call the first one the paycheck(only nine more years left) and the second one your insurance policy just in case that MRS doesn't go in front of your name.

Alexis is about to get her MRS. "She couldn't afford a car, so she named her daugther A-Lexus"

The proposal

He actually looks happy

Another marriage ends after an affair on the set

And they always say "It's only acting" yeah right!

John's new ablum is set to be released in the fall. His new single "Save Room" is so great, a bit of soulful Elvis Costello. Nice to see him changing things up.

No smoke and mirrors....just talent.

Pictures of Lindsey and her mother partying hit the net this week

I guess Mom won't be the one taking her to rehab.

And the winner for the 2006 Crackhead Award of the Year goes to:

Whitney and Co. (also the 2001,2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 winners)

And Brit loves being a mom and photoshop


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Madonna calls it quits and Andy licks

Celebrities do bad things and go to court just like the rest of us. Unlike us normal people, they are special treatment. Caught with a house of cocain like Boy George then you get to clean park benches. Caught riding away from the scene of a crime with a gun under the seat like P.Dddy and J.Lo? You get to spend just one night in jail. How about you have sex with a 12 year and video tape it? Don't worry, you will go to trial some time in the unknown future R.Kelly. How about you give some kids alcohol and show them Playgirls? Well, you get to move to another country and become the guest of the king and keep Micheal Jackson company. Life is great for celebrities.

Unless you are Madonna, she says critics are to blame for her poor box office numbers.So she is stopping with acting, if you could call what she did acting. Of course blame the critics and not yourself dear. Did she even see her own movies? She can act as good as Pharrell can sing.

There have been a couple books out lately about life behind the scenes of Hip-hop. The most well known is 'Confessions of a Video Vixen' Odd title since she was not a video vixen more of a groupie but now there is a new one out 'Notorious C.O.P by Derrick Parker. He says "When I went over to see Jennifer Lopez (after the gun incident), she indeed appeared traumatized,". Whatever Parker, she spent a couple of hours in a jail cell most likely apart from the riff-raff, I doubt she was traumatized, right Jenny from the block?

Can somebody get Andy Dick a confrontation? He started licking and biting people Sunday night, signs are there that he is once again back on drugs.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Don't call it comeback

It has been an exhausting week, with crap weather to match the feeling. But then the sun shined a bit when I heard that Jody Watley is making a comeback. I love Jody's old stuff and it still has the ability keep me on the treadmill a few minutes longer.

Looking Fabulous

How old is she now?


If these two actually get married, how many people would care?

Nicole is filming a new Lionel Richie video. See Lionel is a smart man-he's knows no one give a sh*t about his music or his videos since "Dancing on the Ceiling". But if he puts anorexic but lovable daughter Nicole in the video, then it's sure to get press.

She's looking very cute.

Our little sugary Kayne is reportedly engaged. I'm not so sure about the report, since it claims his fiancée (Alexis) is his longtime girlfriend. I thought he broke up with his longtime girlfriend Brooke last year-I'm ashamed that I know this. Of course, that little playa Kayne could have had more than one number "one" girl.

And we all know he's asking for a pre-nup.

Esquire Magazine named Sean Preston one of the worst dressed men. That's just wrong. He can't help it that his Momma has no class or taste.

Praying he can grow up fast,so he can start dressing himself.

And Reportedly Tomkat is going to reveal little baby Suri in a fall issue of Vanity Fair. The pictures were taken by Annie Lebovitz-good choice she can work miracles with a camera. Did you ever see her pictures of Whoopi Goldberg? Miracles I tell ya!

And someone needs an intervention and a prayer circle.

Lauryn could it get any worse? Despite what the Marleys tell you, marijuana is not an essential nutrient.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Flavor of fur

What better way to watch the fall of the American public than though the power of television. One of the best examples of this is VH1 Flavor of Love. You get to see strippers and video dancers compete against each other for the love of Public Enemy's Flavor Flav. Last season we saw New York and Pumpkin fight over catty comments and spitballs. Now we see two women fight over a bed. Yes people, you read that right, a bed. You can see the cat fight on YouTube below but I must warn you the women sound like mice sucking on helium:

Speaking of flying fur, House of Dereon has a teddy-bear made of real fur. A bear made of mink fur, gross. I am no fan of PETA and they are no fan of Beyonce but really a fake fur bear would have been just fine. If you are interested in this creepy bear it will only set you back $50.
Image Hosted at ImageHosting.us

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Patience is a virtue….

A virtue I don’t have but the dear readers of this blog have plenty. I’m back from a little trip to the beach doing nothing but watching surfers catch waves.
In the coming weeks there will be a few more changes to the blog- good changes.
I haven’t forgotten about the book reviews, which was part of the reason this blog was started. I never seem to have enough time to write a good book review. But starting this week there will be a new section titled “Read and Listen” which will review a new album and book. This will be at least a once a month feature.
And lastly, instead of a weekly blog, DF will now go bi-weekly! There is also a new addition to DF. The new team member knows gossip better than me and she will make her debut next Wednesday.

So much has happened in my absence: closets opening for a former boy band member, Mel Gibson being Mel Gibson and still no public sighting of baby Suri.
But someone has seen little Suri- alright I'm bored with this story but this quote by Jada just smells like a big fat lie.

"She's one of the sweetest babies I've ever met in my life. She's an absolute beauty and she's Daddy's little girl. She's beautiful and they're very happy and they need to be left alone. She's the cutest little baby. She's got a head full of black, beautiful hair."
Did CrazyT give you a role in his next movie?

The production company of Lindsey’s new movie sent her a scathing letter to clean up her act. Didn’t work.

Still coked out. Shame because I still believe she has talent. ‘Mean Girls’ is up there with ‘Sixteen Candles’

So Mr. West is one of the best dressed? Well According to Vanity Fair

"I love what he does with color," said Amy Fine Collins, social correspondent for Vanity Fair. "He loves pale pastels and nice sugary colors."
Nice sugary colors. Hmm… maybe because our man Kayne is sugary.

Speaking of Sugar. Justin getting his groove on.

Lance opened the closet...it's okay for you to come out. Just kidding.....He's in love with Cameron.

Mimi, enough is enough. You do not have Jennifer Aniston legs, so put your clothes on. She’s bordering on “Charm Bracelet” territory here.

Details of Aaron Spelling last will was made public. And it's not looking good for Tori. Only 1 million of the estimated 300 million fortune.

The word is that she will sell some her jewelry and clothes on Ebay. That would be just too good to be true. Mama Spelling does look like a real Bitch (and I don't use that word lightly).

And Barbara still has not learned anything about Black women. Especially not to call black children creatures.

Janet really wants you to buy her album.

Is that a JD belly button ring? WTF?

And Paris wants to make up with Nicole.

"I'm scared (to call her) It's just weird and hard when you haven't spoken for so long. I don't know what would happen. I'm going to wait a while."
Although Nicole is a scary anorexia ‘breaking up’ with Paris was the best thing that has ever happened to her. At least demand that crabs legs starts wearing underwear before you even consider answering that call.

And puff just wants you to know him better. I hate myspace!

Get this video and more at MySpace.com

Read and Listen


The Roots finally have an album they can be proud of. After some lackluster efforts, “Game Theory” finally delivers the music that everyone believed this group is capable of producing.
Hip Hop is at a crossroads and after listening to this album I hope that road will lead to an awaking. Although this album is for everyone it especially speaks to where Hip Hop is going and where the African American plight is headed. After witnessing hurricane Katrina almost a year ago, that plight is not a nice place. At a time when most blacks are too gangsta or too Huxtables, the Roots deliver an album showing that our real life is some where in between. Too Huxtable ,when most African-Americans are just one generation from poverty or the projects. Too gangsta, when African-Americans have the buying power but not the power of a small nation.
Game Theory takes you on both journeys, it tells the story of urban America without the violence. The insanity of the corporate ownership of American prisons. Speaking out against the war without the rhetoric. Yes Hip-Hop may finally be reborn.
Game Theory-5 stars (in stores August 29th)


Cloud Atlas- By David Mitchell
The first 80 pages read like the script of masterpiece theater. It was a struggle but Mitchell crafts six different but linking stories in Cloud Atlas. I can’t really it describe except that it’s wonderful journey and this guy has immense writing talent.
3.5/5 stars

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