Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Flavor of fur

What better way to watch the fall of the American public than though the power of television. One of the best examples of this is VH1 Flavor of Love. You get to see strippers and video dancers compete against each other for the love of Public Enemy's Flavor Flav. Last season we saw New York and Pumpkin fight over catty comments and spitballs. Now we see two women fight over a bed. Yes people, you read that right, a bed. You can see the cat fight on YouTube below but I must warn you the women sound like mice sucking on helium:

Speaking of flying fur, House of Dereon has a teddy-bear made of real fur. A bear made of mink fur, gross. I am no fan of PETA and they are no fan of Beyonce but really a fake fur bear would have been just fine. If you are interested in this creepy bear it will only set you back $50.
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