Monday, February 26, 2007

Just in time for Oscar.....

Well, after a nice extended vacation I'm back on the job. And my vacation was great except that I could not stop watching the Anna Nicole Smith hearing. It was like crack, I knew it was trash but I could not stop watching.
Last night was the Oscars and there really weren't too many surprises. This year I only managed to see 'the Queen' and 'the Departed'. But I do have a bootleg copy of 'the Last King of Scotland' and I plan to watch it tonight. Since I can't really comment on the awards.....let's talk fashion.

It seemed that there was a color theme this year. Beyonce came wearing white. I'm not feeling the dress it apperas her mother stole the dress from the Ms. Universe evening gown segment. And Cameron Diaz looks like Dallas debutante in her dress. Not a bad thing just not what I think Ms. Diaz was going for with her selection.

And some wore black. Meryl Streep may just be the best actress of her generation but what god gave her in acting her took away from her fashion sense. Cate Blanchett got blessed in both departments and has my vote for the best dressed woman of the evening. I can't comment on the other woman since I have a new policy that if you are an adult woman you must weigh at least a hundred pounds to receive recongnition on this blog.

And some wore blue. Reese Witherspoon looks good, her blond hair contrast well with the blue dress. Maggie Gyllenhaal not so good. Maggie, when you have a little pouch it's not a good idea to wear a form fitting dress.

Jennifer Lopez looks fantastic! Is it because the corpse is standing more than 2 feet away?

Jennifer Hudson was a winner but not with her dress. It makes me want to fall asleep and what's up with the Captain Kirk silver jacket?
Naomi Watts look gorgeous but can someone tell me what movies she's actually been in?

And some wore pink. Penelope Cruz may be the only person able to pull off wearing a family of pink flamingos. The long blond hair on Reese looks flattering and mature and just the opposite on Gwyneth Paltrow .

Did I miss someone? Who do you think was the best dressed?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cutrain Closing

*Editor's Note: This will be Ciena's last post NOT the last post of this blog. The other writers will be back on board next week after a much needed break. Please keep checking back and thanks for your support!

Big thanks to Queen Latifah for saying she would like to adopt a child, from the inner city. To many children in the US are waiting to be adopted. Once they turn 18 years old they are left out on the streets. Black children are the hardest to place and far to often fall through the cracks. Sadly the United Nations agrees.

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Congrats to Obama on his choice to run for office, a word of advice from a communications student, let it all come out now. Do not wait for any past drug use (which you did do) or hidden children or gun ownership come out from the other side. Let your people put it all on the table.

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Now on to some happy or sad news depending on if you like my updates: Today is my last update. Between school and work I just do not have the time anymore to write updates. I would like to give some advice to the following people:

Bobby Brown: Stay off the drugs. Get your life together not only for yourself but for your daughter. She needs both parents and right now it looks like she has no parents around to guide her.

Nas: Pick up a book and read it. Sometimes you rap about knowledge but you sound like a fool. You can not place a persons ashes in a diamond.

Jada Pinkett: Rock on girl! I love how you do your own thing, not afraid to be yourself, keep up the good work.

Halle Berry: Call Jade and Latifah, learn to love yourself

Paris Hilton: Never mind you would not follow my advice anyway!

You: Thank you for reading this, thank you for supporting this blog, thank you for being you

Friday, February 09, 2007

Death of Anna Nicole Smith

First let me apologize for the infrequent posts. But I'm currently on vacation and the other writers are currently working on other things. So bear with us for the next two weeks until we're all back on board.

I'm sure everyone has heard about the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Which is a sad a tragic story, although it just happened yesterday and CNN is acting like the president died. What's even more creepy is that CNN showed an old video of Anna' mother shortly after the death of Daniel (Anna's son) telling Anna to be careful she may be next. Anna's mother believes that Daniel was murdered.
And if the story just could not get anymore tragic, it's still a mystery who's the father of Anna's daughter. Whomever the father really is, he will control Anna's money. And if you've seen the two contestants for the job then....let's just say we all need to say a prayer for little Danielynn Hope.
For more coverage please visit our friends at DLISTED

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Super Bowl Edition

I stayed up late last night to watch the game. Which started at 12:30AM CET for the record. I think the NFL should ask the city of Miami for a refund due to the bad weather. Isn't the point of having the Super Bowl in Miami is the guarantee of good weather?

So the game was all fun and good but let's talk about the important stuff. Halftime......
Usually the halftime show is pretty lame with the exception of boob-gate but that was fun after the fact. And part of the reason I stayed up was to watch my man Prince. Not even rain could stop the man, in fact the rain and the smoke seemed all part of the show. About two minutes in, I started to get hyped and began singing along to the songs. Which at about 2:30AM, my neighbors could surely appreciate.

Watch the performance and start singing. Oh, only Prince could rock that bandana.

And what's a Super Bowl without commercials?

The winner for best commercial of the night goes to Chevy. TI killed it!

And 1st runner-up......

And 2nd runner-up. Nice to see K-Fed make some money.

And honorable mention goes to Oprah and David Letterman. I'm sure the commercial made Gal very jealous.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Now, don't be scared

I was excited when I heard that the Nets were moving to Brooklyn. Since I plan to move to the BK at the end of the year, the Nets move went well with my Biggie Small dreams. Well stop! Hold the presses. It was announced that the UK based Barclay's bank has just paid 400million over twenty years for naming rights for the new Nets arena. That would be fine and good except that the founding fathers of Barclays made their fortune from their ownership of slaves. Now, I'm not one to dig into corporate pasts or anyone's past for that matter. A friend once told me that 'no fortune is ever clean' and truer words were never spoken. But since Jay went all postal on Cristal for their supposed diss of hip-hop, he has now has raised the bar. If he accepts the millions from Barclays does that mean that dissing hip-hop is more offensive than a corporation with a past that exploited thousands of people?

sometimes he can look like a real nerd.

In other news Eddie Murphy is beefing up his security. Apparently he's running scared from some Scary Spice/Mel B fans. I'm more shocked that Scary still has fans. If you happen to know any Scary fans please email me, I may have an idea for a interesting documentary.
Eddie is afraid that Scary's fans will try to attack him as he makes his Oscar rounds.
And on a side note, I've heard that the child Mel B is carrying just might not be Eddie's. The rumor is that Mel B. and Eddie had a deal to pose as a real couple to help further along their careers. Part of deal was to also cover up that both of them are gay. Everyone has known about Eddie's alleged homosexuality for years but I had no idea about Scary. But just who isn't gay these days? The deal went south probably after Eddie realized that he really didn't need Mel B. as a beard or anything else for that matter. I'm sure Johnny Gill hated her ass. As for the child my source told me that Mel B wanted another baby very badly and may not have waited for Eddie to get her pregnant.

Running scared

And has obtained pictures of Michael Jackson's children.

Prince Michael I and Paris

And little blanket.

I dare say that kids are cute but what's going on with Blanket's hair? And I don't know who's children they are but their not Michael Jackson's, son of Joe, brother of Tito, Rebe, Janet and Latoya and uncle of 3T.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Nasty and Naughty Girls

New facts I learned about Paris while reading her diary:
She stopped having sex for a year because she had a STD
Likes Hello Kitty and smokes tampons

Here are some of the highlight videos:

Paris in Bed of size 15.202 MB

Paris in Bed of size 9.523 MB

Poor Brandy, she is being sued for $50 million for a fatal car accident. Her SUV crashed into another auto during a traffic jam. If this was anybody else would the family sue? Of course, it is America! Does she even having $50 million? Full Moon was not a huge hit.

And Crazy Carey is posing for Playbody but she does not show it all. She fits more in with 'King' and their backshot of the month than Playboy. Lots of beans and rice. Check out Rap-Up for more information.

For Wu-Tang fans the clan is getting back together to record a new album, please Wu no U-God!