Thursday, March 29, 2007

Where's the money?

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Hello world, it's been awhile since I last post. I got caught up with March madness, the nice weather and a mild case of stomach flu. But I'm back........

Where's the money?

With record sales dropping lower & lower each week, what is an artist to do to make sure they can still make money? Most have turned to low budget videos and free internet promotion to get their records played. Sites such as MySpace & YouTube have provided artists with ways to show videos to the public without spending millions & millions of dollars. Case in point, Young Buck’s new video "Hold On" featuring 50 Cent has had over 5 million views over the past week on YouTube. While his first single released to MTV & BET called "Get Buck" is only got about 15 spins a day between the two networks.

Young Buck had this to say about the subject : "With the mixtape game being on hold the way it is, artists have to find other ways of getting their product to the people. MySpace & YouTube have saved a lot of artists time and money by giving artist a free platform to perform on. Not only for G-unit artist but for the artist who's just coming in the game and doesn't have the financial backing to put a video on MTV or BET now that artist can say he has just as much chance of being seen as a big name artist".
I know one thing if hip hop ain't dead..... It sure is broke!

March Madness
If your like me after about the first day of games you ripped up your bracket and wondered if Cinderella’s ass over slept this year. Well don't worry she woke up just in time for VCU to knock off Duke. But the rest of the tournament has basically played to form. Wisconsin lost to UNLV in a game that wasn't even close. The games from this past weekend proved to liven things up with Florida beating down Oregon, UCLA shocking Kansas, Ohio State running Memphis out of the gym and my Georgetown putting the smack down on North Carolina . For the first time in a long time all four teams have a legitimate chance of taking home the crown.

Hit & Miss
Tony Yayo of the infamous rap group G-unit is accused of slapping the son of Czar Entertainment boss Jimmy "Henchman"Rosemond. The boy was said to have been caught in the middle of a ongoing feud between his father and G-unit records. Now, I wouldn't want to mess with anyone with the nick name henchman.

Earlier this week rapper Eminem and ex wife Kim Mathers went before a judge to have a gag order put forth to have both parties stop bad mouthing each other in

Kim is going after the craziest baby momma award for 07'. Kim waited about ten minutes after the court hearing to go on HOT 97 and aired out some more of her ex husband’s dirty laundry. With logic that only a baby momma would understand, when ask why she was breaking the gag order she replied ‘because I just called him and he didn't pick up the phone’. Message to all baby daddy’s pick up the phone!


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