Friday, August 25, 2006

Team Crazy

I’m sure that everyone has heard about Tom Cruise’s “Firing” from Paramount. Normally I would be happy if an obnoxious, annoying Hollywood star would get their comeuppances (I’m looking at you Lindsay Lohan). But when I heard the news I almost felt sorry for CrazyT (don’t start throwing stones). I’m ashamed to say I’m on Team Tom Crazy for the following reasons:
1. Studios are evil, let’s not forgot that. They still allow the Wayan Brothers to make movies.Tom being crazy was not the reason they dropped him. It’s all economics-or maybe they're afraid that Tom will make a scientology version of 'Passions of the Christ'.
2. Michael Jackson and Roman Polanski were not dropped after their heinous crimes. I guess molesting children and rape are not in the same league as being crazy and letting billions of people know it.
3. Tom has heavily criticized psychiatry- although he’s definitely one person that could use a good shrink. I put psychiatrists up there with chiropractors in the quack department. Sometimes crazy just can’t be cured.
Allow me to use some of my entrepreneurial skills. So if you’re down with Team Crazy show it! Follow the link to get your official crazy gear:Here!

So Brad's mom hates Angie?!

She's not the only one

But then she takes absolutely stunning pictures like this one for St. John

Maybe she's not so bad

Quincy Jones is a dirty old man

Pictured with his 19 year-old Egyptian "fashion designer" girlfriend. Honey, you can't call yourself a designer until you actually design something.

Ecstasy anyone?

Lindsay leaving a nightclub high as a kite!

So Jay performed with Mariah at her concert in NYC. Why Jay? WHY WHY?

Jay to Mariah:"My girl has this fashion line with her moms. She can hook you up with some clothes." Mariah is probably the only person in which House of D would be a step up.

No reason for this picture. But that Sanaa Lathan looks really cute and should be in more movies.

Why is Holly staring. Holly, the cuteness does not rub off.

And the Lionel Richie video with Nicole premiered. Put the video on mute and watch Nicole.

And it's the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. And still not one person has been held accountable for the aftermath. Not the Mayor (Mr. "This city will remain chocolate"), the Governor, and definitely not the President.
Spike is telling the story for the people of N.O. The four part series started this week on HBO



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