Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Madonna calls it quits and Andy licks

Celebrities do bad things and go to court just like the rest of us. Unlike us normal people, they are special treatment. Caught with a house of cocain like Boy George then you get to clean park benches. Caught riding away from the scene of a crime with a gun under the seat like P.Dddy and J.Lo? You get to spend just one night in jail. How about you have sex with a 12 year and video tape it? Don't worry, you will go to trial some time in the unknown future R.Kelly. How about you give some kids alcohol and show them Playgirls? Well, you get to move to another country and become the guest of the king and keep Micheal Jackson company. Life is great for celebrities.

Unless you are Madonna, she says critics are to blame for her poor box office numbers.So she is stopping with acting, if you could call what she did acting. Of course blame the critics and not yourself dear. Did she even see her own movies? She can act as good as Pharrell can sing.

There have been a couple books out lately about life behind the scenes of Hip-hop. The most well known is 'Confessions of a Video Vixen' Odd title since she was not a video vixen more of a groupie but now there is a new one out 'Notorious C.O.P by Derrick Parker. He says "When I went over to see Jennifer Lopez (after the gun incident), she indeed appeared traumatized,". Whatever Parker, she spent a couple of hours in a jail cell most likely apart from the riff-raff, I doubt she was traumatized, right Jenny from the block?

Can somebody get Andy Dick a confrontation? He started licking and biting people Sunday night, signs are there that he is once again back on drugs.


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