Friday, August 11, 2006

Don't call it comeback

It has been an exhausting week, with crap weather to match the feeling. But then the sun shined a bit when I heard that Jody Watley is making a comeback. I love Jody's old stuff and it still has the ability keep me on the treadmill a few minutes longer.

Looking Fabulous

How old is she now?


If these two actually get married, how many people would care?

Nicole is filming a new Lionel Richie video. See Lionel is a smart man-he's knows no one give a sh*t about his music or his videos since "Dancing on the Ceiling". But if he puts anorexic but lovable daughter Nicole in the video, then it's sure to get press.

She's looking very cute.

Our little sugary Kayne is reportedly engaged. I'm not so sure about the report, since it claims his fiancée (Alexis) is his longtime girlfriend. I thought he broke up with his longtime girlfriend Brooke last year-I'm ashamed that I know this. Of course, that little playa Kayne could have had more than one number "one" girl.

And we all know he's asking for a pre-nup.

Esquire Magazine named Sean Preston one of the worst dressed men. That's just wrong. He can't help it that his Momma has no class or taste.

Praying he can grow up fast,so he can start dressing himself.

And Reportedly Tomkat is going to reveal little baby Suri in a fall issue of Vanity Fair. The pictures were taken by Annie Lebovitz-good choice she can work miracles with a camera. Did you ever see her pictures of Whoopi Goldberg? Miracles I tell ya!

And someone needs an intervention and a prayer circle.

Lauryn could it get any worse? Despite what the Marleys tell you, marijuana is not an essential nutrient.


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