Thursday, August 03, 2006

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The Roots finally have an album they can be proud of. After some lackluster efforts, “Game Theory” finally delivers the music that everyone believed this group is capable of producing.
Hip Hop is at a crossroads and after listening to this album I hope that road will lead to an awaking. Although this album is for everyone it especially speaks to where Hip Hop is going and where the African American plight is headed. After witnessing hurricane Katrina almost a year ago, that plight is not a nice place. At a time when most blacks are too gangsta or too Huxtables, the Roots deliver an album showing that our real life is some where in between. Too Huxtable ,when most African-Americans are just one generation from poverty or the projects. Too gangsta, when African-Americans have the buying power but not the power of a small nation.
Game Theory takes you on both journeys, it tells the story of urban America without the violence. The insanity of the corporate ownership of American prisons. Speaking out against the war without the rhetoric. Yes Hip-Hop may finally be reborn.
Game Theory-5 stars (in stores August 29th)


Cloud Atlas- By David Mitchell
The first 80 pages read like the script of masterpiece theater. It was a struggle but Mitchell crafts six different but linking stories in Cloud Atlas. I can’t really it describe except that it’s wonderful journey and this guy has immense writing talent.
3.5/5 stars

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