Thursday, June 29, 2006

Let’s connect the dots

While I was away, so much has happened. Allow me to play a little game of connecting the dots (or more aptly titled “Everything is Everything”).

I missed an article by Robert Kennedy Jr. in “Rolling Stone magazine” outlining the discrepancies in the 2004 Presidential election. Interesting stuff since he states part of the problem is that we are paying too much attention to Brangelina and not enough attention to the issues. GUILTY AS CHARGED. But we can do both right?!
Check out the article here

The Roots have a new album out. And there are some political tracks on the album; maybe they are as outraged as Robert K. on the state of the US democracy (of lack thereof). See, not everyone is interested in Bragelina.
There was a lot of noise surrounding this new Roots album. “Are they selling out”, “How will they fit in at Def Jam”. But I just had a quick listen to the album and the worries just aren’t justified.

The Roots are on now happily on Def Jam. And their boss gave a concert this week in New York. Which should have been titled “Oh I forgot I was retired concert”

Here performing with his leading lady.

Foxy was in the house.

Doesn’t Foxy look like she doesn’t wash down there??

Keeping up the Cristal boycott.
Since Jay does talk about giving back. I love this lyric: “And I can't help the poor if I’m one of them. So I got rich and gave back. To me that's the win, win”

Well Jay, that’s all nice but someone is living those lyrics a little more than you.
Warren Buffet announced this week that he will give away 85% of his fortune to charity. Ahh yes “the win win….””

The bulk of Warren’s billions will go to the Gates Foundation. The Gates foundation does awesome work with vaccinations in the third world, AIDS prevention and improvement of US high schools (just to name a few).

Our favorite “know-it-all” on those subjects gave the most boring interview ever to Anderson Cooper.

I just couldn’t watch the whole thing. So I’m not sure if she talked about where her next long suffering child will come from. Any guesses?

Pictures of another long suffering child appeared on the net.
Poor little Bobby Christina

This picture just screams “sex me”. See Angelina there are children in good ol' USA that need you to save them too!

Say it isn't so....

And someone is now crying for a job. Our Stah has announced that she was fired will leave The View in July.
You’re fired!

Star blindsided Barbara and the gang by making the announcement on air and a month early. But then after the show the fireworks really started when Barbara and Star took the fight to the streets.
Barbara said:
"It is becoming uncomfortable for us to pretend that everything is the same at this table," show creator Walters. "Therefore, regrettably, Star will no longer be on this program."
"We gave her time to look for another job and hoped that she would announce it on this program and leave with dignity," Walters said. "But Star made another choice."

Then Star said:

"It's a little shocking to me that Barbara feels betrayed. I was really surprised that Barbara feels betrayed. If you watched me yesterday, I said that she was the most amazing mentor and I thanked her for the most amazing opportunity. My departure was orchestrated some time ago. And while I can accept any business decision, it's hard to accept the manner in which it was handled during the last two months. But, if you use words like betrayal, if anyone should be betrayed, it should be me! Barbara didn't have my back. "

This show sucked anyway but without Stah it will be even more pointless. Although Stah may actually be the most annoying person on the face of the earth. I do hope that she get a gig soon.
She just provides too many opportunities to snark.

The new token.

Renee Elise Goldsberry. Apparently she is part of the cast of "One Life to Live"
Barbara to CEO of ABC: Do we have any black women on the payroll?
CEO: I think we have a negro woman on the cast of one of our daytime shows.

Another celebrity seems to be out of work .I guess after Chris Rock roasted him at last year’s Oscars he decided to take a prolonged break.

Remember when Jude Law was HOT?! Not so much anymore….proof that womanizing can take its toll (and I’m sure his drug use doesn't help)

The reigning champion of hotness attended the premiere of the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” film

Even with those awful shades, he looks YUMMY! No one can pull off creepy and sexy at the same time as our man Johnny.

Someone who’s not SEXY.
Serena posing with Christina Milian (also searching for work). Is that a nipple trying to peek out?

Speaking of nipples. The ever shrinking Janet was out this week.

Why are the Jacksons constantly transforming themselves?

Keeping with the theme of crazy families. Tori Spelling came crying to People about how her mother didn’t tell her how serious her father’s condition was. All she had to do was turn on news to find out.

Bad move Tori, you may really be out of the will

And who is gracing the cover a major magazine?

The wonders of airbrushing always amazes me.

But even airbrushing couldn't help vivi

Her face is just getting worse.....

They can't be serious right?!

And allow me to end by saying check out the new Gnarls Barkely ablum- St. Elsewhere.
Tell next time....

Friday, June 16, 2006

Sorry your logic does not compute

I was planning to give you guys a big double issue this week, since I’m taking off next week.But we had people over for dinner tonight and of course they would not leave. And now I need to call a friend back in the US. Plus, I have not packed for my flight tomorrow.
How’s that for excuses?

Let me just start with the fact that everyone’s logic is just Fu*cked up at the moment.
1.Brit telling Matt that she wants to have her baby in Namibia. What the hell is going on here? She’s just stupid enough to be drinking the kool-aid.

2.The couple that started this madness is now rumored to finishing up the adoption procedures for a little Namibian boy. They are now in Mia Furrow territory and we all know how that story ended. I could say so much about this but I just don’t have the energy. They never seem to think of the consequences of their actions, because it’s all about them. Plus don't they know that Africa was so last year? They need a baby from Brazil! Now that would be trend setting.

3.Now this one is personal. I got an iPod mini last year for my birthday and had to send it back after a few months. Then the damn thing died again and now I’m outside the warranty.
So a good friend blessed me with her crazy logic and said that I should buy a shuffle for now and a Nano when I go to the US. At the time it all made sense. I ran out this week and purchased an shuffle, only to work out the logic later when I got home.
Broken iPod + buy new low end iPod + buy iPod Nano with video at later date= giving Apple almost 700 dollars for a product that sucks. DAMN YOU APPLE!

Speaking of babies where is little Suri????

“I’m not a android”

Happier period

Al’s logic seems on point. Here he’s hanging out with his boys……..

Courtesy “perez hilton”

See I usually don’t have anything bad to say about anyone’s weight. Since anorexia is so prevalent in Hollywood, plus I even have trouble putting down the cocoa pepples.
But don’t you think Raven would look fabulous if she dropped 15 pounds?

Ummmm, never mind. She could end up looking like this.....

Thanks to my new iPod, I caught up on some music. I somehow missed the Heather Headley album. Heather is officially the lead preacher of "the holy tabernacle of love and heart ache". I keep waiting for her to shout out “can I get Amen”
We’ve all been members, hopefully Heather can give up her duties soon. Work that out girl....

I try not to question people's logic on relationships (an absolute lie) but someone explain this one to me.

Cynthia and her lady-man

Serena's logic has never made sense. But someone please help this woman.

But compared to this oily mess, Serena is not doing too bad.

Is that Ananda Lewis in the background? Nice to see a fellow HU alum hanging out with D-listers. But then again she has no talent, so Vivi is a step up (meow, meow)

That's all for this week.

Friday, June 09, 2006


My impending vacation and the weather is distracting me from this blog. But I’ll press on and try to post on a regular basis.
Moving on.....

Brangelina Mania
So the holy couple decided to sell the family pictures this week. But one problem, the blogs got the pictures first.

Okay we get it!! You love kids, you love the third world and you love each other. Now go away!

And then a press conference, just in case we didn't recognize.

Ahhh happy moment

Then.... NE has to break up this happy little party. Maury! Maury! Maury!!
Ahh damn wait a second.... Paul's wife beat him up? The same wife that only has one leg. I may have to pick up this issue.

The 4th of July really is Independence Day.

Our favorite female rapper will be released from prison on the 4th of July. Now we'll have to listen to her jailhouse stories. I'm already scared.

Seems that GAL is on the hunt.

Oh Man, Janet is looking like she's ready to try out for the re-make of the Thriller video.

Jessica Simpson, who let you out the house wearing this outfit?

Maybe the same crazy person that allowed Mariah out of the house.

See vivi was once really pretty. Here is the evidence.

Not so much anymore

Still no bump......out shopping again.

And someone just can't seem to leave the coke alone.

'national day of support' for Whitney (thanks for the tip)

We are all called to arms to support Nippy. Not sure when this National Day of support will actually take place. But I'm sure crackheads across America will want to join in also.


Friday, June 02, 2006

My Miami Vice

Why is everyone in Miami? This past Memorial Day weekend practically everyone was in MIA. I love Miami as much as the next person but I’m damn tired of seeing pictures of every celebrity poolside at the Delano. Which means that most of the pictures are staged. And the photographed celebrities are just doing their best to make the celeb blogs and tabloids. Well it works……

Shut Up GMA
“Coming up we'll have news on the birth of Brad and Angelina's baby, Shiloh, and how she can possibly change the fate of an African nation” a GMA commenter on the birth of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt before a commercial break. I could rant about how this comment is racist and ridiculous but for the most part it’s just plain ignorant. Hopefully Bradgelina are not buying into their own hype of the great white hope.

Of course everyone was all over the birth. But why was Angelina’s creepy brother also in the delivery room? You know the one that she was once photographed french kissing? Brad better watch out…..

The Knowles poolside in Miami. Rumor has it that Solange is pregnant again but you can't really tell in this photo

Serena in....guess where?? Miami! I guess she is too busy to play in the French Open. The guy in background looks tasty. Looking less like a tranny in this photo. Maybe the cute dog helps.

Nicole hit the beach in LA. Apparently it was warm enough to wear a bikini but cold enough to wear a scarf. I must admit that she looks better. She gained just a little bit of weight to remove the kiss of death look she had going on. So maybe she really was eating that hamburger last week.

another look

But then she shows up at the MTV House in San Diego. We all know how small Christina Milian is but next to Nicole she almost looks like a fat giant. Nicole should of had that burger with fries.

Mariah Scary walking her dog in NYC. Now this picture just makes me mad. I guess she had to meet her pimp while she was walking the dog. Which would explain the outfit. I would really pay my hard earned money just to style Mariah for one week.

"Can't push my boobs out much more....hurry and take my damn picture"

'Lost' frustrated me for most of the season. "Stop pushing that damn button". But then I remembered why I liked to watch. Josh Holloway aka "Sawyer" on the cover of Details magazine. Yummy!!

Jennifer out shopping. I can't really see a bump but it's still early

Janet looking fab in Miami. I guess the US Magazine photos could be real. Her arms look amazing. Crazy ass Wendy Williams has been spreading the rumor that Janet was wearing a fat suit in the pictures from earlier this year. Wendy’s rumors have absolutely no credibility but Janet is by all a Jackson, so I can't put anything past her.

Kfed decided to take a shower and clean himself up. Not really working...he looks like a reject from the Young College Republicans.
He says he wants to be known as a artist and not just as Britney's husband. He has a lot of nerve. Considering before Britney he was known just as Shar's baby daddy.

Star and Al have put their NYC aparment up for sale. Movin' on up or getting ready for divorce court? Here are the pics

Ice Cube decided to join the chorus of rappers slamming Oprah. Cry me a river, is this the same man that released such positive songs as "The Nigga Ya Love To Hate" and "Get Off My Dick And Tell Yo Bitch To Come Here"? Don’t even get me started on the Barbershop movies. Cube-check yourself first before making such dumb ass comments.
"Read the article here"

And Jamie Foxx is just nasty. Claiming that he has sex at least everyday to keep in shape. Which is not a bad or nasty thing but what is nasty, is that I'm sure he's not in a monogamous relationship. Meaning that he's probably having sex with different women (or men) every day. I guess he's trying to reach Wilt's record. He better double-up.

That's all I have this week.