Wednesday, April 04, 2007

All anorexics look alike

I know it's been a good minute since I last post but the truth is this blog's days are numbered. I'm just not that interested in gossip anymore (politics is starting to heat up). Maybe I'll start a political blog soon but for now I don't have time to keep this blog going. So April (Friday) 13th will be our last post....

Is it just me or is Star Jones starting to look like Nicole Richie?

I thought that Evan Ross was the love child between Diana and Michael.

But I think Prince may have to throw his hat in the ring as a possible father.

49cents step away from Drucilla

And why is Halle so happy to get her Hollywood Star? Some crack head is going to vomit all over it by nightfall.

And after all the drama, Joss Stone's album debuted at number two. I'm sure her record company was happy with the result, so maybe Dallas actually was still on the payroll.


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