Thursday, August 03, 2006

Patience is a virtue….

A virtue I don’t have but the dear readers of this blog have plenty. I’m back from a little trip to the beach doing nothing but watching surfers catch waves.
In the coming weeks there will be a few more changes to the blog- good changes.
I haven’t forgotten about the book reviews, which was part of the reason this blog was started. I never seem to have enough time to write a good book review. But starting this week there will be a new section titled “Read and Listen” which will review a new album and book. This will be at least a once a month feature.
And lastly, instead of a weekly blog, DF will now go bi-weekly! There is also a new addition to DF. The new team member knows gossip better than me and she will make her debut next Wednesday.

So much has happened in my absence: closets opening for a former boy band member, Mel Gibson being Mel Gibson and still no public sighting of baby Suri.
But someone has seen little Suri- alright I'm bored with this story but this quote by Jada just smells like a big fat lie.

"She's one of the sweetest babies I've ever met in my life. She's an absolute beauty and she's Daddy's little girl. She's beautiful and they're very happy and they need to be left alone. She's the cutest little baby. She's got a head full of black, beautiful hair."
Did CrazyT give you a role in his next movie?

The production company of Lindsey’s new movie sent her a scathing letter to clean up her act. Didn’t work.

Still coked out. Shame because I still believe she has talent. ‘Mean Girls’ is up there with ‘Sixteen Candles’

So Mr. West is one of the best dressed? Well According to Vanity Fair

"I love what he does with color," said Amy Fine Collins, social correspondent for Vanity Fair. "He loves pale pastels and nice sugary colors."
Nice sugary colors. Hmm… maybe because our man Kayne is sugary.

Speaking of Sugar. Justin getting his groove on.

Lance opened the's okay for you to come out. Just kidding.....He's in love with Cameron.

Mimi, enough is enough. You do not have Jennifer Aniston legs, so put your clothes on. She’s bordering on “Charm Bracelet” territory here.

Details of Aaron Spelling last will was made public. And it's not looking good for Tori. Only 1 million of the estimated 300 million fortune.

The word is that she will sell some her jewelry and clothes on Ebay. That would be just too good to be true. Mama Spelling does look like a real Bitch (and I don't use that word lightly).

And Barbara still has not learned anything about Black women. Especially not to call black children creatures.

Janet really wants you to buy her album.

Is that a JD belly button ring? WTF?

And Paris wants to make up with Nicole.

"I'm scared (to call her) It's just weird and hard when you haven't spoken for so long. I don't know what would happen. I'm going to wait a while."
Although Nicole is a scary anorexia ‘breaking up’ with Paris was the best thing that has ever happened to her. At least demand that crabs legs starts wearing underwear before you even consider answering that call.

And puff just wants you to know him better. I hate myspace!

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