Monday, March 19, 2007

EMI executive responds to the Dallas Austin video

Last week the internet was buzzing with a video clip featuring Dallas Austin on which he claims that Joss Stone and Christina Aguilera “F*ck for beats”.

Just in case you haven't seen the video:
View Here

After watching the video, we at DF immediately called our contacts at various record labels, hoping that someone would go on record responding to Dallas’ accusations.We could not get anyone that would officially go on record but we did find an EMI (the parent company of Joss Stone's label) executive that agreed to an 10 min. interview but only if we didn’t use names or titles. We agreed, our policy is that we protect our sources unless we’re sued or issued a subpoena and then all bets are off (just kidding).

Here is the complete interview with the EMI executive responding to video

DF: How did you first find out about the video and what was your initial reaction?
EMI: I heard about the video a few weeks ago, although I didn’t see it until last week. After it was sent to several people in the office by an intern. I wasn't shocked by what was said because if you spend any time in a studio those conversations are common place. You hear industry rumors inside any studio. But I was surprised that Dallas let himself be taped.

DF: Why were you surprised?
Because firstly some of the things he said I know for a fact wasn't true. Jordy was never his assistant and that he openly disrespected people he has no contact with.

But I think now the perception is that certain female artists may have sex with producers for tracks, is that a correct perception?
EMI: I don’t know I can only speak for artists that I’ve personally worked with. I don’t know Christina, never worked with her. But I have worked with Joss and I know what Dallas’ said was bullsh*t. Joss has the backing of the record company, which essentially means that she has financial backing. She could have anyone work on this album because the record company backs the album and is willing to pay. Are there some conditions to that? Of course but the conditions are not financial but more business and legal. Joss didn’t need to have sex with anyone to get them to work on the album. Common and Lauryn are the album, so by Dallas' logic does it mean she had sex with them also?

DF: Do you know of any producers that have sex with artists?
EMI: Look, people spend a lot of time in the studio together, so yes relationship are forged. But I don’t know of anyone offering sex to a producer for tracks. At least no artist with a record contract. Producers get paid money, nothing is done for free in this business. And no top producer is going to lay down tracks for any artist without knowing that the financial backing of the record company is there.

DF: What do you think the repercussion in the industry will be of the video?
EMI: Who knows, maybe more attention to the male domination of music producing. Maybe producers focusing more on music.

DF: Any personal repercussions?
(long pause). For Joss, this could be actually positive. I mean if she keeps her cool. She’s only 19 and has a lot to learn. But she can grow from this. As for Dallas, I don't know. I know, I would never send any young female artist into the studio with him and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Editor's note: There were a lot things I didn't get to ask. Like reactions to Joss' interview with maybe we can get a follow up.....