Monday, February 05, 2007

The Super Bowl Edition

I stayed up late last night to watch the game. Which started at 12:30AM CET for the record. I think the NFL should ask the city of Miami for a refund due to the bad weather. Isn't the point of having the Super Bowl in Miami is the guarantee of good weather?

So the game was all fun and good but let's talk about the important stuff. Halftime......
Usually the halftime show is pretty lame with the exception of boob-gate but that was fun after the fact. And part of the reason I stayed up was to watch my man Prince. Not even rain could stop the man, in fact the rain and the smoke seemed all part of the show. About two minutes in, I started to get hyped and began singing along to the songs. Which at about 2:30AM, my neighbors could surely appreciate.

Watch the performance and start singing. Oh, only Prince could rock that bandana.

And what's a Super Bowl without commercials?

The winner for best commercial of the night goes to Chevy. TI killed it!

And 1st runner-up......

And 2nd runner-up. Nice to see K-Fed make some money.

And honorable mention goes to Oprah and David Letterman. I'm sure the commercial made Gal very jealous.


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