Thursday, February 01, 2007

Nasty and Naughty Girls

New facts I learned about Paris while reading her diary:
She stopped having sex for a year because she had a STD
Likes Hello Kitty and smokes tampons

Here are some of the highlight videos:

Paris in Bed of size 15.202 MB

Paris in Bed of size 9.523 MB

Poor Brandy, she is being sued for $50 million for a fatal car accident. Her SUV crashed into another auto during a traffic jam. If this was anybody else would the family sue? Of course, it is America! Does she even having $50 million? Full Moon was not a huge hit.

And Crazy Carey is posing for Playbody but she does not show it all. She fits more in with 'King' and their backshot of the month than Playboy. Lots of beans and rice. Check out Rap-Up for more information.

For Wu-Tang fans the clan is getting back together to record a new album, please Wu no U-God!


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