Friday, February 02, 2007

Now, don't be scared

I was excited when I heard that the Nets were moving to Brooklyn. Since I plan to move to the BK at the end of the year, the Nets move went well with my Biggie Small dreams. Well stop! Hold the presses. It was announced that the UK based Barclay's bank has just paid 400million over twenty years for naming rights for the new Nets arena. That would be fine and good except that the founding fathers of Barclays made their fortune from their ownership of slaves. Now, I'm not one to dig into corporate pasts or anyone's past for that matter. A friend once told me that 'no fortune is ever clean' and truer words were never spoken. But since Jay went all postal on Cristal for their supposed diss of hip-hop, he has now has raised the bar. If he accepts the millions from Barclays does that mean that dissing hip-hop is more offensive than a corporation with a past that exploited thousands of people?

sometimes he can look like a real nerd.

In other news Eddie Murphy is beefing up his security. Apparently he's running scared from some Scary Spice/Mel B fans. I'm more shocked that Scary still has fans. If you happen to know any Scary fans please email me, I may have an idea for a interesting documentary.
Eddie is afraid that Scary's fans will try to attack him as he makes his Oscar rounds.
And on a side note, I've heard that the child Mel B is carrying just might not be Eddie's. The rumor is that Mel B. and Eddie had a deal to pose as a real couple to help further along their careers. Part of deal was to also cover up that both of them are gay. Everyone has known about Eddie's alleged homosexuality for years but I had no idea about Scary. But just who isn't gay these days? The deal went south probably after Eddie realized that he really didn't need Mel B. as a beard or anything else for that matter. I'm sure Johnny Gill hated her ass. As for the child my source told me that Mel B wanted another baby very badly and may not have waited for Eddie to get her pregnant.

Running scared

And has obtained pictures of Michael Jackson's children.

Prince Michael I and Paris

And little blanket.

I dare say that kids are cute but what's going on with Blanket's hair? And I don't know who's children they are but their not Michael Jackson's, son of Joe, brother of Tito, Rebe, Janet and Latoya and uncle of 3T.


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