Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cutrain Closing

*Editor's Note: This will be Ciena's last post NOT the last post of this blog. The other writers will be back on board next week after a much needed break. Please keep checking back and thanks for your support!

Big thanks to Queen Latifah for saying she would like to adopt a child, from the inner city. To many children in the US are waiting to be adopted. Once they turn 18 years old they are left out on the streets. Black children are the hardest to place and far to often fall through the cracks. Sadly the United Nations agrees.

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Congrats to Obama on his choice to run for office, a word of advice from a communications student, let it all come out now. Do not wait for any past drug use (which you did do) or hidden children or gun ownership come out from the other side. Let your people put it all on the table.

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Now on to some happy or sad news depending on if you like my updates: Today is my last update. Between school and work I just do not have the time anymore to write updates. I would like to give some advice to the following people:

Bobby Brown: Stay off the drugs. Get your life together not only for yourself but for your daughter. She needs both parents and right now it looks like she has no parents around to guide her.

Nas: Pick up a book and read it. Sometimes you rap about knowledge but you sound like a fool. You can not place a persons ashes in a diamond.

Jada Pinkett: Rock on girl! I love how you do your own thing, not afraid to be yourself, keep up the good work.

Halle Berry: Call Jade and Latifah, learn to love yourself

Paris Hilton: Never mind you would not follow my advice anyway!

You: Thank you for reading this, thank you for supporting this blog, thank you for being you


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