Friday, June 09, 2006


My impending vacation and the weather is distracting me from this blog. But I’ll press on and try to post on a regular basis.
Moving on.....

Brangelina Mania
So the holy couple decided to sell the family pictures this week. But one problem, the blogs got the pictures first.

Okay we get it!! You love kids, you love the third world and you love each other. Now go away!

And then a press conference, just in case we didn't recognize.

Ahhh happy moment

Then.... NE has to break up this happy little party. Maury! Maury! Maury!!
Ahh damn wait a second.... Paul's wife beat him up? The same wife that only has one leg. I may have to pick up this issue.

The 4th of July really is Independence Day.

Our favorite female rapper will be released from prison on the 4th of July. Now we'll have to listen to her jailhouse stories. I'm already scared.

Seems that GAL is on the hunt.

Oh Man, Janet is looking like she's ready to try out for the re-make of the Thriller video.

Jessica Simpson, who let you out the house wearing this outfit?

Maybe the same crazy person that allowed Mariah out of the house.

See vivi was once really pretty. Here is the evidence.

Not so much anymore

Still no bump......out shopping again.

And someone just can't seem to leave the coke alone.

'national day of support' for Whitney (thanks for the tip)

We are all called to arms to support Nippy. Not sure when this National Day of support will actually take place. But I'm sure crackheads across America will want to join in also.



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