Friday, June 02, 2006

My Miami Vice

Why is everyone in Miami? This past Memorial Day weekend practically everyone was in MIA. I love Miami as much as the next person but I’m damn tired of seeing pictures of every celebrity poolside at the Delano. Which means that most of the pictures are staged. And the photographed celebrities are just doing their best to make the celeb blogs and tabloids. Well it works……

Shut Up GMA
“Coming up we'll have news on the birth of Brad and Angelina's baby, Shiloh, and how she can possibly change the fate of an African nation” a GMA commenter on the birth of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt before a commercial break. I could rant about how this comment is racist and ridiculous but for the most part it’s just plain ignorant. Hopefully Bradgelina are not buying into their own hype of the great white hope.

Of course everyone was all over the birth. But why was Angelina’s creepy brother also in the delivery room? You know the one that she was once photographed french kissing? Brad better watch out…..

The Knowles poolside in Miami. Rumor has it that Solange is pregnant again but you can't really tell in this photo

Serena in....guess where?? Miami! I guess she is too busy to play in the French Open. The guy in background looks tasty. Looking less like a tranny in this photo. Maybe the cute dog helps.

Nicole hit the beach in LA. Apparently it was warm enough to wear a bikini but cold enough to wear a scarf. I must admit that she looks better. She gained just a little bit of weight to remove the kiss of death look she had going on. So maybe she really was eating that hamburger last week.

another look

But then she shows up at the MTV House in San Diego. We all know how small Christina Milian is but next to Nicole she almost looks like a fat giant. Nicole should of had that burger with fries.

Mariah Scary walking her dog in NYC. Now this picture just makes me mad. I guess she had to meet her pimp while she was walking the dog. Which would explain the outfit. I would really pay my hard earned money just to style Mariah for one week.

"Can't push my boobs out much more....hurry and take my damn picture"

'Lost' frustrated me for most of the season. "Stop pushing that damn button". But then I remembered why I liked to watch. Josh Holloway aka "Sawyer" on the cover of Details magazine. Yummy!!

Jennifer out shopping. I can't really see a bump but it's still early

Janet looking fab in Miami. I guess the US Magazine photos could be real. Her arms look amazing. Crazy ass Wendy Williams has been spreading the rumor that Janet was wearing a fat suit in the pictures from earlier this year. Wendy’s rumors have absolutely no credibility but Janet is by all a Jackson, so I can't put anything past her.

Kfed decided to take a shower and clean himself up. Not really working...he looks like a reject from the Young College Republicans.
He says he wants to be known as a artist and not just as Britney's husband. He has a lot of nerve. Considering before Britney he was known just as Shar's baby daddy.

Star and Al have put their NYC aparment up for sale. Movin' on up or getting ready for divorce court? Here are the pics

Ice Cube decided to join the chorus of rappers slamming Oprah. Cry me a river, is this the same man that released such positive songs as "The Nigga Ya Love To Hate" and "Get Off My Dick And Tell Yo Bitch To Come Here"? Don’t even get me started on the Barbershop movies. Cube-check yourself first before making such dumb ass comments.
"Read the article here"

And Jamie Foxx is just nasty. Claiming that he has sex at least everyday to keep in shape. Which is not a bad or nasty thing but what is nasty, is that I'm sure he's not in a monogamous relationship. Meaning that he's probably having sex with different women (or men) every day. I guess he's trying to reach Wilt's record. He better double-up.

That's all I have this week.


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