Friday, July 21, 2006

Introducing the new desperately fabulous

A new look! I just can’t hold down my excitement- I’m such a nerd.
A few weeks ago a reader e-mailed me about the awful DF layout (I thought it was kinda cute). But he didn’t just complain, he actually helped create the new banner with a very cool font.
And thanks to more cyber friends who helped with the color scheme. So let me know what your think of the new look. Love it?! Hate it?! Go back to old format???

Let’s get started. After a slow start this week, things started to heat up a bit.
The world is suffering from so much despair at the moment. The leaders of the top economic nations held the G8 Summit this week. Surely they would have some answers to this current world crisis in the Middle East.
Well it seems that the Russian hosts “forgot” to turn off the microphones of our two favorite world leaders (those sneaky Russians).Let’s read a bit of the transcription

BUSH: "No, just going to make it up,"
"I'm not going to talk too damn long, like the rest of them. Some of them talk too long."
WTF?! That’s why we are in the mess in Iraq? Because smarty pants just loves to wing it…..
BUSH: "Gotta go home. Got something to do tonight. How about you? Where are you going? Home?"
Cheney hates when he breaks his curfew
BUSH:” Thanks for the sweater, it was awfully thoughtful of you," "I know you picked it out yourself."
BLAIR: "Oh, absolutely,"
That’s just sooo lovely
Lebanon: close those bunkers very tight!

And if the world just wasn’t f*cked up enough. Barbara has the need to touch every black woman’s hair on 'The View'.

Speaking of weaves and The View.....
Well there are lot of rumors floating around the Reynolds. Allow me to break it down…One rumor, has Al telling Star that he’s gay on the day she was fired from the view. See I can’t really believe that one, since by all accounts Al is alive. Second rumor is that he’s talking to a divorce lawyer. This one could be true, although it could just be a plant by “his people” (friends from Fire Island with some PR skills) to put the story out in the press. This could help Al start talking to Stah about his exit strategy from this farce.

And if that wasn’t enough. I’ve also heard that the hook up between Stah and Al was actually done by their minister. This minister "cured" Al of his gayness-hmmm didn't work. Then the minister proceeded to hook up the newly "cured" Al with the then very single and fat Ms.Stah Jones. Can't wait for Al's tell all book!

Can we please work on the Anger Management issues?

Naomi was arrested again! She allegedly showed up at her boyfriend's London flat demanding that he let her retrieve her things(all her assistants were recovering from their own beat-down and couldn’t get the things for her). When he wouldn’t open the door, she tried to kick the door down. He probably would have been headed straight to hospital if had opened the door. Police were called, she calmed down and was released.

Janet, you can look sexy without looking like you won a shopping spree to WetSeal.

And is why PAB still talking about Britney. Get over it already!
In the issue of GQ PAB says:

“When we initially parted ways [in 2002], I felt like she had a couple of opportunities to just sort of stick up for me, and she didn’t,” says Timberlake about Spears, 24, publicly blaming him for the split. His answer? “I fought back…I came up with a song.” That would be “Cry Me a River,” which called out Spears’ rumored infidelity with his pal Wade Robson (she denied it).
Oh Brit, PAB so wants you back. Just give him call....please!

Nicole reportedly fainted on a shopping trip this week. No one can out smart anorexia.

Her new album cover. I really love Nicole, even we she’s wasting valuable CDs to make this shitty album. And no, I have not heard it, just call it a gut feeling...

When, where, how?!

And where was Vince? Knowing AJ, she probably joined in……did she? Enquiring Minds want to know!

Kimora still has everyone beat in the Bitch face contest.

Straight Chillin'& Bitchin' in Miami

And although she may not be able to act, Halle has excellent taste in handbags. At least she has talent where it really counts

And finally congratulations to Eddie Murphy and Mel B.(Scary Spice). These two love birds are rumored to be getting hitched this weekend.

Hmmm wait a minute. Mel, wasn’t your last husband gay? Maybe you need to ask Eddie something. Keep your eye on Johnny Gill at the ceremony.

That's it for this week. Enjoy the heat.


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