Saturday, May 20, 2006

I’m a child of the 70’s.........

I’m a child of the 70’s, so I’ve seen a lot of change happen. Another messenger tag from a colleague, which I find to be very true. Us 70’s kids are the last generation to grow up with a bit of naivety and innocence. We grew up thinking that Boy George just liked wearing make-up and Michael Jackson was just a man that liked hanging out with monkeys.

The good ol' days.

It's True!

Jen has confirmed her pregnancy to "In Touch". I love it when internet rumors are true. Especially the ones that I spread on this blog.

Poor Britney. Does she really need another baby?

Almost dropping little Sean.

And then sobbing about it. Couldn’t she at least do that in the car instead of in public? Even I’m starting to feel sorry for her.

Dr. Huxtable is causing trouble again. He gave the commencement speech at Spellman College (A historically black liberal arts college for women) last week and basically said that black men ain’t about sh*t!
"You have to know that it is time for you all to take charge," Cosby said. "You have to seriously see yourselves not as the old women where the men stood in front and you all stood behind, because the men, most of them are in prison."

Cliff that’s pretty harsh. Start talking solutions…..

But then he also said.
"have memorized the lyrics of very difficult rap songs. …And they know how to send their sperm cells out and then walk away from the responsibility of something called fatherhood."
Alright Dr. Huxtable, I can't argue with that one.

O made the party rounds this week.
First at the 20th Anniversary of Spike's 40 Acres production company

She looks very glowing. I want Gayle's job!

And then catching up with Kayne at some event. I couldn't be bothered finding out the name....sorry

Gayle: "Oh hells no! He is not trying to push up on my girl"

Kiki at a BP fashion shoot. I us
e the word "fashion" very loosely here, as I would not normally dare to call BabyPhat fashion.

Looking ever so pleasant.

Can someone please get my damn accessories children away from me!

Janet celebrating her 40th Birthday. Check out the video clip here

I have a rule of not ever mentioning Paris Hilton on this blog. But... this is just too funny.
Paris Hilton= Tupac? According to Best Week Ever they do....WTF?! Check out the hilarious post here

Another "Fashion Shoot"

"Our mom makes us wear really cheap looking clothes"

Bey arriving in Nice for the premiere of “Dream Girls”. She really can do no wrong...except when she's wearing "house of d" fashions.

The world’s sexist daddy. He's everything that Brad Pitt wants to be.

Vivi found a new boy toy.

She's really starting to look like that old woman from "There's something about Mary"

Next week I'll have a new book review. I'm finishing up the new Phillip Roth book "Everyman"
Until then....


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