Thursday, May 04, 2006


DISCLAIMER: What you are reading is for entertainment purposes only. I’m not saying the contents of this blog are fact and I’m not saying it’s fiction. Enjoy, have fun and share with others. All I’m offering is my opinion nothing more nothing less. And unless you are a PR rep, what do you care about what I have to say? If you are a PR rep with a high profile client e-mail me, I write gossip for good and evil purposes. And I would be more than willing to switch sides for the right price.

Hero of the week: Stephen Colbert.
For being hilarious and honest during the White House correspondent’s dinner.

I love the look on number II’s face.

Just in. Second Hero of the week: Steve Nash
For leading the suns past the arrogant rapist Kobe Bryant. I'm lovin' it!

Moving on…..

Why isn’t this woman in more movies? I demand that she be offered several roles just on her fabulous haircut alone.

TomTom shopping for baby clothes. First off, shouldn’t he have some one doing that for him?
Second, how much time has he spent with the baby? My guess is a total of eight hours.
Isn’t bonding between baby and parent, one of the most important things in the first few days of a baby’s life? Never mind it’s probably all for the best.
Rumor has it that Katie Kate will reappear slim, fit and freshly brainwashed in a photo shoot for OK magazine.

Did anyone ever watch ‘Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego?’ It was a children’s program on PBS around ten years ago. I loved that show, although I was ten years older than the target audience. Like Carmen, I just can’t keep up with the travels of Crazy- T.
My geography is still shit. Question: what is the capital of Burkina Faso? (no peeking on the internet) Hint: I could totally see Angelina announcing that Maddox “so wants to move there”. Since it’s his favorite city in the entire world, plus the name sounds cool.

And later during the week: A trip to TRL

Kayne: “I really want to kiss you right now”

I came across this old picture of Halle. And what do you think was the first thing that crossed my mind?

Old Halle

Recent pic

I guess those rumors are true. Looks like someone has spent time with the plastic surgeon.

Recent picture of Yaya. She looks good in the photo. It seems that she found a good dermatologist.

Earlier in the week Janet released the first single from her new album. Then a few days later, she pulled the single. Apparently the fan feedback for the single “weekend” was less than stellar. If Jermaine can produce hits for Mariah Scary then he surely can pull one out for our girl.

In London with her elf boyfriend.

Proving once again “I'm not a businessman, I'm a Business, Man
Let me handle my business, damn.” hmmm, I wonder if Cameron will ever understand. If Bill Gates is listening then...

Big pimpin’ starts at an early age in the Trump Household.
Apparently Donald Trump had a baby with himself. I’m willing to bet that she doesn’t hold the baby very much, especially if she's always dressed like that.

Why does Jessica Alba always look effortlessly stylish?

Rumor has it that my other favorite couple is on the rocks. But that rumor never seems to go away. And why isn’t Ryan a bigger star? He appeals to both gay men and women under 35. Both very key demographics for success. He obviously needs a new agent.

Star with Gal at the Emmys. Word is that Stah is in training for her knock down fight with Rosie O’Donnell this fall. Great for the ratings, the world is waiting for Stah to get her comeuppance.
Now if only Rosie can arrange for a secret tape of Gal with his boyfriend. And then show the tape on The View. The segment could be titled: “Lies and the people that live them”

Why does she always insist on coming out the house looking like a mess?

Another basketball game, it seems that’s all these two ever do. I hate both of their outfits.

I’m usually not feeling Common but he’s bringing the sexy in this photo. It seems that he has finally gotten over the voodoo curse that Erykah put on him.

Nicole my grandma wants her glasses back.
Nicole is talking to Vanity Fair about her weight. In the soon to be released VF article, Nicole claims that she is now seeing a nutritionist and doctor for her weight issues. And she insists that the problem is not anorexia. Why do people try to dispute the obvious?

I'm off to enjoy the nice weather! See you back here next week.


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