Friday, May 26, 2006


Apologies for not updating the blog in a timely manner. Delayed flights, busy week, you know the story.
This week the New York Times had several disturbing articles. But don’t fright because last Sunday’s wedding and celebrations provided a real gem!

The wedding of Cara Nussbaum and Scott Fudemberg.
Now most of you youngsters may remember Cara from the “Real World” Chicago. She was the bulimic crazy one.
Ms. Nussbaum meet Scott(at the singles hotspot Starbucks)shortly before she left St. Louis to go start the filming of the “Real World".
"He was the cutest boy I'd ever seen," recalled Ms. Nussbaum. Alright that's a good start! But then that pesky show called and she had to leave the cutest boy ever and head to Chicago. Where later she embarrassed herself with sexual romps, bouts with bulimia and depression. This wasn’t so bad until the shows actually aired for the whle world to see
"Everyone has a past," Dr. Fudemberg said. "But that's not something you necessarily want to review with them on national television." Ummm Yes!! Of course you don’t want to know that your girlfriend is a crazed, overly sexual, psycho! But better earlier than later.
Poor Scott didn't see the writing on the wall or missed some key eposides. As the lovers were married last week. Even Kyle attended (the jock that never took off that damn Princeton shirt). Apparently Kyle is happily living in Salem as he is now on “Days of our Lives”
But of course there is a price to pay for everything. Dr. Fudenberg is doing his residency in the hot and happening town of Leavenworth, Kan. And our little party girl Cara is now a salesgirl at the Serendipity clothing store. But I have a feeling that a career was never one of her many ambitions.
Time until the divorce: Four years
An incredibly sad and depressing wedding announcement: priceless

And then the Times just pissed me off by printing this story:
“Atop Hedge Funds, Richest of the Rich Get Even More So”
The top 25 hedge managers are now making upwards of 130 million a year. And with the top ten earning on average 500 million. WTF?! Just to get perspective of this absurdness the top grossing film the “Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe” had world wide sales of just under 400 million.

And if I wasn’t angry enough, they print this story.

"A Vision of Pale Beauty Carries Risks for Asia's Women"

Asian women are suffering serious deformities from skin lightening creams. Now that it’s almost summer; almost every other commercial here in Europe is for self-tanning lotions. Europeans are unhappy with their white skin and the third world aspires for pale skin. The world is just screwed up!

And speaking of skin creams. It seems that someone has been dipping her face in some skin lightening cream. She just gets more pathetic by the day

Enough of the times. I may just have to start a separate blog to comment on their foolishness.
But then I came across this picture and everything was right in the world again.

I so love him. SEXY!!

This week Janet graces the cover US magazine. The consensus is that the picture was airbrushed.So what if the picture had a bit of help?! If I was on a magazine cover in my underwear I would demand some airbrushing. Anyway she looks great and the real test will come when she starts touring.

Before and After

And more recent.... you decide

I don't even want to think about what these two are up to. SCARY!

And someone else that pushing 40 but looking fantastic! Ms. Berry promoting X-men.
I used to think that she looked better with short hair but not so much anymore

And I somehow missed this picture of Jen. WOW! Who needs babies when you have legs like that.

Why is Brandy trying to do sexy? Nope not working

Last week I said that Bey could “do no wrong”. That was until I heard an interview with her this week. It was like hearing fingernails on a chalkboard. She’s still cute but she desperately needs some speech lessons.

Michelle is looking busted. I don’t think she’s going to age very well. Since she looks like she is a star pupil at the “Whitney Houston School” of harden appearance.

Britney out in public with rollers in her hair. Can someone please explain the need for someone to wear rollers out in public?! Preferably someone from the great state of Louisiana.

And what was Prince thinking?

And rumor has it that the second coming will be born any moment now. More snark to follow on this story.
UPDATE: It's a girl! Happy Birthday Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt.

Nicole with a McDonalds bag. Why oh why does she insist on playing this game? I want to see her bite into a hamburger and not run to the bathroom three seconds later.

And I'm going to go out a limb here and predict that the Suns will win the NBA title.
You can take that to Vegas and send me any profits
Until next time.


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