Friday, July 07, 2006

Jayson Blair are you there???

Last week I was reading the online version of the NY Times and came across an article about Jay-Z’s Cristal boycott. Then things got weird, the writer started using lyrics to make satirical transitions, the same style I love to use. Then this reporter hack used some of the same Jay quotes I’ve used to make the exact same points. A coincidence I’m sure. But just in case I’m going to get my lawyer Star to look into this. She’s the best lawyer ever! Did you see her on Larry King? She just strikes fear in people. I heard that she has more free time now, so she can give my case her full attention. With Star’s superior lawyer skills and my excellent case, (since not one person at the Times has had an original idea in at least ten years) we would surely win!

Oh damn….I use copyright protected pictures on this blog. Maybe I should hold off on my case. But in the words of Jay: “stop stealing my sh*t”

Watch out before she starts using her lawyer skills.

Lil’Kim was released from prison in time to celebrate the 4th. At least one person in America was able to celebrate freedom.

Looks like her plastic surgery held up in the “Big House”. I thought she was on house arrest…..where’s the ankle bracelet?

Everyone is wondering: where is baby Suri? Reportedly friends and family have not seen the baby.

If we can put a man on the moon, surely we can find out if baby Suri really exist.

Gary Coleman Lauryn Hill performing at a show in San Francisco. Maybe she can make a comeback

"What you talkin bout Willis?!"

Diddy and his woman on the beach.

Kim is great and all. But they'll never have the heat that he had with Jennifer.

Made for each other.....

I don’t really have anything to say about this picture. Except that, I want a mohawk wearing and hip adopted kid from Cambodia!

Serena on vacation in St. Lucia

See, she can't even get a swimsuit right.

Word on the street is that he and acne queen have broken up. Could we possibly get a reunion between him and Brit?
It could help put those gay rumors to rest.

My eyes, my eyes!!!!

Kids, plastic surgery is not a good thing.

Oh no Coutness! You are not trying to do sexy!

Even when she looks absolutely crazy, I still can’t help but love her.

Sorry for this picture. But come on, who could side with Paris over Nicole?

Just can't seem to keep her legs closed! Proving once again that having money does not mean having class.

New NYC subway ads

This ad makes no sense since Jesus was Jewish. The next ad will be "Malcolm X for Black people"

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