Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Crashing the party with a little OJ

I am starting to fall in love with Jamie Fox. The first butterflies were felt when he pulled out a fan to cool Kanye West big head while he was giving a thank you speech after receiving an award for Gold Digger. When asked why he felt the need to pull out a little Fox said, ''Somebody needed to cool that nigga down''. Now he told the press about his recent party and who the party crashes were such as, Paris Hilton passing out drunk (why was her racist butt even invited?), OJ trying to break his hand during a handshake. He goes on to continue his beef with Eddie Murphy by saying he wears leather pants that are too small and nobody says anything about it. Now Jamie, that was a long time ago, Eddie has not wore those tight ass pants in public in years. I do not doubt he wears them around the house with his boyfriend Johnny Gill. But really no need for bring up old stuf. What really set my heart on fire was his comment or truth telling about Janet Jackson, "She whispered her entire album. I said, 'What's wrong with my speakers?' " Yes we all wonder what is wrong with our speakers when we hear her mumble her way though a song. That shy little girl crap stopped being cute about the end of Good Times Penny.

More OJ news the guy really does get around, he crashed a video shoot for Ludacris and Superhead. He decided to grind on Superhead (who hasn't?). The video was never released so I guess the only we are going to see it is if somebody leaks it to Youtube or Google video.

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I really hope the good times stop rolling for thief producer Timbaland soon. The guy stole from a Finnish Dj Tempest. The Dj created a song on a Amiga. The song was posted online, it somehow made its way to Timbaland who then used it in a Nelly Furtado song without giving credit to the creator. Video proof below:


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