Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Winners and Losers of the 2007 Golden Globes

Last night was the Golden Globe awards. And since the entire ceremony is a shame, I won't even comment on the validity of the winners. But I will comment on the fashions of the night. Plus this is my warm up to the Oscars. I'm highly qualified for this exercise since most days I spend about two minutes thinking about what to wear. I call it casual le chic.....some people just call it casual.
*Editors note: Full disclosure, some pictures from the original post were from 2006.

The Losers

Ellen Pompeo

Picture from 2006
Not only are you annoying the hell out of me on Grey's Anatomy but you show up as a grown woman to an award show wearing dead white chrysanthemums. You are not a young Hollywood starlet therefor there is no need for the anorexia or the awful wardrobe choices to attempt to hide your anorexia.

Picture from 2007

Still anorexic

Shonda Rhimes

I heard that the Golden Globes were going green this year but I didn't know they would make people wear recycled curtains.

Cameron Diaz

Ice princess with a very evil stepmother. Not a good way to show Justin what he gave up.


I give up, really I give the hell up.

The Winners

Vanessa Williams

Not sure how I feel about the hair but everything else in the outfit is working. That's not real fur is it?

Jennifer Hudson

Size appropriate clothing and a beautiful accessory.

Angelina Jolie

Just stunning and an okay arm piece.

Kyra Sedgwick

Nice simple but yet still glamorous.

There you have it folks, the winners and the losers.


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