Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hip-Hop is dead and Paris is alive a kicking

By R.L.
Desperately Fabulous Contributor

Hello world, hopefully I didn't leave you needing your gossip fix for too long. Lucky for me, I'm related to the editor of this blog and I can turn my stories in late without getting fired. Wish it was like that on my day job.

Paris Unedited
When I started this job there were two things I promised to never talk about, Paris Hilton and the handicapped. Just when you thought or even hoped Paris wouldn't do anything else stupid, she strikes again. The latest in a long line of mistakes for this Hilton sister, is forgetting to pay a storage bill of a whopping$ 200 bucks. For those of you that don't know how storage works, if you don't pay your bill your property becomes the property of the storage company. This is when this story turns into truly a Paris Hilton story . Among her property was a home video tape of Paris and friends (Nicole Richie) having sex, doing drugs and being down right nasty. You know you're nasty when a young man like myself has to say "cut that nasty sh*t off". Rick James is some where in Heaven right now looking down like "Cocaine is a hell of a drug".

Nicole Richie is a)licking her plate after some good dessert or b)not letting good coke go to waste

Save the Drama for your Mama

This past week in Atlanta world famous DJ Drama & Don Cannon had their Atlanta offices raided for what most are calling DWB (DJ'ing while black). Both of these well known DJs are being charged by the RIAA better known as the hip hop cops, with selling bootlegged CDs. While some are saying the charges are all a misunderstanding and the two DJs are just at the bottom of the totem pole and the RIAA actually have bigger fish to fry. RIAA responded to this by saying "we're not against mixtapes, we're against people making a profit off music which is not theirs". You mean to tell me that's it's illegal to sell something that is not your's for a profit ? Damn it, makes you think where was the RIAA during slavery?

We be clubbin'
If you play in the NBA your days of playing ball all day and hitting the club for some groupie love at night might come to an end. Basketball commissioner David Stern (the basketball version of George Bush) wants to have a policy that would not allow NBA players to visit nightclubs during the season. He says that almost 60 % percent of all incidents with NBA players happen in or around nightclubs, I guess the other 40% percent happens in or around hotel rooms in Colorado. I personally hope that this doesn't happen because the all-star game will be in Vegas in two weeks and if the NBA players ain't at the club who's gonna give me their left overs? David Stern, if you're reading this (and you should be since you're on my friends list on myspace) let the players play!

David Stern

Hit & miss
*Kanye West has been working on a new album set to release this spring, called "Graduation" and word on the street this will be his last album with Roc-a-fella records.
*Rosie O' Donnell was back in the news last week she called for President Bush's impeachment on her morning television show. If Bush was smart he would just call Donald Trump to handle his light work. I like Rosie but if her & Donald would have been on the show "yo momma" Donald would have walked away with $1,000 cash money.
*Jay-Z has been hired on by Coca-Cola to help relaunch their product. I guess the new slogan will be "If we can sell it, you can drink it


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