Friday, January 12, 2007

Week in Review

Posh and David Beckham are coming to America. For those of you living in America or under a rock, these two are BIG! BIG I tell you! Bigger than the Fat boys, Star jones and Flavor of Love put together.
This is the year I'll be moving back to the new world as well and I was a little nervous that I would miss Europe. But my heart is filled with much joy knowing that the Beckhams and I will be living in same country. Now if they break-up I swear I'll jump off a cliff or just read all the juicy details in the Enquirer.

It's reported that David's move to LA was really because he wants to be a Mooovie star. I really hope for his sake that they bring silent movies back or maybe just a really good non-speaking role.

And can someone please tell Jason and Joumana Kidd to keep their business 'out of the streets'.

Both claiming spousal abuse in their divorce papers and then sending their lawyers to do battle in the NY papers. Here's the deal, I'm sure Joumana tried to slap Jason a few times, but he probably drove her to it with his cheating and lying. Plus wasn't he arrested a few years ago in Phoenix for domestic violence?

Well it would appear so......
Joumana, I think I see 'half' in your future and some fat child support payments.
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And Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz officially announced their break-up. How sad....but first I want proof that they were even a couple in the first place. Justin is busy finding his next beard girlfriend, he's rumored to be already dating Scarlett Johansson.

He never looked too happy when next to Cameron

And Madonna told David Letterman that's she too busy saving children and living in London to know what's going on in America. News flash, I get most of my news from BBC and damn it they do a far better job reporting on America than Americans.

But more importantly she wants the world to know about her battle to save African Children: "There's over a million orphans in Malawi, and in my opinion the laws need to change because these children need to be rescued,". This statement is wrong on so many levels but I'm sure not a day goes by that little David isn't reminded how grateful he should be to Madonna. Someone should tell Madonna that grateful is when your native country can feed most it's citizen, when your mother didn't die at child birth, when your father would have been financially able to keep you or when an American/Psuedo British pop star wouldn't use orphans for self gratification.

And if wasn't already a bad week for Beyonce. First claims of abuse at the hands of her boyfriend and now Neyo is claiming he wrote the lyrics to ‘IRREPLACABLE’ all by himself.

Better watch your back, I think Mama Knowles is out to cut ya.

And our favorite widow Tomi Rae Hynie-Brown has been left out James Brown's will. There's a dealer somewhere that's mad as hell.

Time to seek out some legal representation!


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