Friday, January 19, 2007

American Weirdo

Hello world, after a week long break I'm back on my job. American Idol started it's 6th season this week with a bang. If you missed Paula Abdul appearing on Fox 13 higher than Bobby Brown at a New Edition reunion concert then you missed something craziness. Just as strange as the interview was the reason her publicist gave for as excuse for Paul's craziness. Her publicist stated that the reason Paula appeared as such (meaning high) was because she was exhausted from all the interviews she had been doing. Exhaustion didn't look like the problem, the problem was she didn't let the crack high wear off long enough before doing the interview. I'm not the smartest man in the world but I do know a crack head when I see one.

Did someone say sex tape?

Leave it to Brandy's brother Ray J to up the ante with celebrity sex tapes. Ray J was recorded giving Kim Kardashian a women he used to date a golden showers during one of their sexual encounters. I know Ray J said R.Kelly was his Idol but damn can't you just be a fan like the rest of us? What makes this story even crazier is the fact that the tape is gonna be sold to the highest bidder, and last reported talks were well over a million bucks! If you really think about it Ray J is gonna make more money off this sex tape, than he did off his last album Raydiation. I guess we all know what Ray J's song 'One Wish' was really about.

Who is really Irreplaceable?

I know we told you about Ne-yo being the real writer of 'Irreplaceable' last week but some very interesting facts about this situation have recently surfaced. Now this gossip has been on my desk for a while now and out of respect for the Ne-yo I would usually brush it to the side. But this is just to juicy to hold back. Now we all have heard the rumors that Ne-Yo is gay. Ne-Yo has obviously stated many times that he is not gay and even released pictures of himself having sex with a woman. A source close to Ne-Yo recently released a statement saying that Ne-Yo did in fact did write the song because he knows the guy who inspired the song. The source goes on to say that Ne-Yo & this unknown guy broke up because the guy repeatedly told Ne-Yo he would be happier with someone else. I don't know what to think about this whole thing but there's a saying: If one person says it then it's a rumor, if two people say it then it's a lie, If three people say it then it's the truth.


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