Wednesday, January 10, 2007

He would sell the brooklyn bridge

I have a satellite dish that lets me receive 2100 channels. Some of them are pure comedy such as Kuwaiti state television shows which look like music videos from 1981. Others are just sad, such as the call in sex shows on Russian television. I guess they don´t like to wash their hair or get bad teeth puled. But what really annoys me is seeing ads for HP computers with the Jay-Z voice overs, it's everywhere!

selling computers

I know we already had an update talking about the man but his ugly mug is everywhere. Look at your nearest GM dealership to find a Yukon Denali in Jay-Z blue.

selling cars

LL Cool J said that 'Jay was best at promoting Jay'. I can't disagree, the guy is everywhere but behind his desk at Def Jam. Ghostface released two new albums, did I see or hear any promotion? Same goes for Lady Sovereign whomever she is. And now LL has a new book out, the only reason I know about this is because I went to the Def Jam website. Russell time to leave the Phat Farm and check in on your company.

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