Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Only Fools and Horses

This is my last update for 2006. Since most people are making their list and checking it twice, I thought I would do the same. My list is of the best, juiciest, cattiest, gossip this year.

The Apple Did Not Fall To Far From The Tree
Bobbie Kristina and Justin Combs were found on MySpace. Bobbie looked just as crazy as her parents posing pool side. Meanwhile Justin Combs found his page deleted soon afterwards. Famewhore Jr.
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Its Raining Divorce

Early in the year we had Russell Simmons and that guy, Brit and K-Flop, Paul McCartney and Stumpy. Best of all, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. Next week I am getting a satellite hooked up so I should get all the goodies via Court TV.

Crossing The Tracks
We all knew there was no way Kate Moss could keep so thin just by refusing to eat. Now we all know her wonderful secret, heroin. Together with some homeless looking guy, she was busted via phone camera. Like many people, she was given a second chance to clean up and get her life on the right tracks. She dumped that guy and moved on the brighter and better things, then we all woke up.
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Dropped The Soap
Poor DMX, first he was born with that ugly mug, then he fell in love with that guy. He became hooked on drugs, sold a bunch of albums then went crazy for a moment. Got out of jail and was raped by some woman. The woman went on to have his child and we all pointed and laughed at his coke head lies.
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Wishing On A Star
She went on her way, Star Jones announced she was leaving the View before they would put together some cheese ass clip show send off. It was a long time coming, the fans of the show did not like her. She was ridiculed by the press and public for her wedding antics. Gossip blogs said her new husband was gay. Over night many deals appear at her door step, then they were sent back to be returned to their rightful owners.

Knock Knock! Who's There? A Bad Joke

Andy Dick was high and started licking the crew of ST:TOS. O'Donnell rants about how some coffee show chick did not want to catch the gayImage Hosted by from some gay guy then she tells her own racist joke. Micheal Richards flips out then runs to some tried blowhole to cover his tracks. And Carrot Top, he is still with us folks.

Victoria Does Not Have A Secret
Oh my, I forgot my panties! That was just nasty to see, lets move on...

Cursed and Gifted
Stuck up, talented, Hot Headed and getting sued. It has been a whirlwind year for Kanya West. I hope he keeps up the good work but cools down on the “I am the best” crap. Rehashing old samples at chipmunk speed is not all that Mr. West.

What? I did not say it would be a top 10, just a list. Now that I have this bitter taste of celebrity in my mouth I need to see something nice and sweet. So I leave you all with a video of a bird. But not just any bird, watch it to the end to find out why it is so special. Until 2007 good eating and good health! And don't forgot to cast your vote for the Web Awards


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