Thursday, January 04, 2007

Taking credit when credit is not due

This week the Academy let Beyonce and her songwriters know that she will not be nominated for best song this year. The Academy has this little rule that it only takes max three people to write a song and Bey was the odd man out. This is good since despite here numerous "writing credits" the woman probably has never written a song. In order to write a song, one would probably need to be able to at least write and be able to put two coherent sentences together, all of which our girl has demonstrated she can not do.

But she's still getting magazine covers. Doesn't she look like a cross between Jada Pinkett Smith and Jennifer Lopez in the picture?

The year has just started and we already have our first celebrity break-up. Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson may be calling it quits....yawn

They had way too much blond hair between them to ever make it.

Oh Brandy is that a peace sign on your pants? Please remember the number one rule of fashion: peace sign on pants = bad

Holding up peace to keep it all coordinated.

And for the craziest rumor of the day. The paternity fight between Scary Spice and Eddie Murphy is heating up. Scary Spice wants the results of paternity test revealed on television. Someone get Maury on the line!


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