Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's nice to be back in the building

We're back! I hope that everyone had a safe holiday season. So let's start the new year off right with some gossip. But before we get started I want to send Birthday Wishes to my wonderful grandmother Edith who will turn 87 this week. Happy Birthday Grams!

I was saddened by the death of James Brown over Christmas. Later during the week I saw pictures of Michael Jackson at the funeral and wondered how people were able to stay in their seats with scary in the building. I know James didn't have a choice but damn......

Jennifer Hudson is still feeling the fabulous reviews of her role in Dreamgirls. Here she is performing live in New York. What's up with the hair?

My friend Mo told me that 'Dreamgirls' wasn't that great and she didn't understand all the golden globe nominations. Any disagreements and I'll post Mo's email address.

Kanye West showed up for something looking crazy. But he is already responsible for my favorite rap quote of 2007. "I don't know how to explain this but I'm kinda a big deal"

And oh look my man Scott Storch was in Miami partying it up with other annoying people.

I know this is a short post but that's all I got! We'll post everyday this week and review the new the Mos Def album as well. Stay tuned!


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