Friday, April 07, 2006

All celebs are crazy!

Thanks for the great e-mails and comments. A lot of you sent book recommendations, showing that my theory of being shallow and literary at the same time works!

Moving on....

I came across this picture last week. I decided that I love it!

Ryan Phillippe looking tasty...who knew Mr. Witherspoon could look so hot? Plus I love the fact the he's wearing the ipod shuffle. The shuffle is much like Ryan himself- underrated, sexy, and damn cute!

Looks like our girl lost the two pounds she gained recently.

"All my friends tell me this look is HOT in Ethiopia and North Korea"

I know some of you will disagree but I decided to "like" Jennifer Lopez again. She pretty much annoyed the hell out of me for so many years but not so much any more. She's been relatively quiet and things with the 'corpse' seem to be working out pretty well- which means that they will break-up.

Which brings me to the person that's taking her place on the banishment list...George Clooney. I was once a fan but his self righteousness grates and his misguided anger towards the Gawker site is sooo typical. Plus here is his definition of liberal: the fact that a black woman got an Oscar for playing such a wonderful and advancing role in 'Gone with the Wind' and he supported (along with all the other wonderful people in Hollywood) the win for not only Hatte McDaniel but for mammies the world over. Showing he/they are the leading authorities on all things progressive.

Jenny telling George: "I'm leaving and you're just coming, say hello to Star"

Who does Katie think she's fooling with that pillow? I was naive and believed that Katie could possibly be pregnant- Not Anymore! Poor thing, crazy-T must have mighty powerful scientology powers

Fake Hollywood pregnancy.

And a real Hollywood pregnancy.

Can someone please help this woman?!

UPDATE: It seems that last week’s story about Naomi and the assault on her maid was just a simple misunderstanding. Naomi needed a pair of jeans for an Oprah segment (you know the O ain't having just any old jeans on her show) and her maid could not find the jeans. It seems that the jeans were in another part of the apartment, which was the responsibility of another maid. See Naomi has two maids. Of course she got upset by this obvious miscommunication amongst her staff and threw her phone at the maid’s head. Make this be a lesson to all of us: we must not only be responsible of our own work but the work of our co-workers as well. We do not work on an island people!

Recently on the runway: Naomi showing that she's doing fine after her recent arrest.

Literary section: I have not yet finished Gilead. So far the book is going very well, so I should have a good review next week.

Until next week.




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