Friday, March 31, 2006


Ahhh my first post. I'm going to try to update this once a week. Celebrity gossip has recently become my comic relief- and I want to share it with you. I believe everything in Us, People and the National Enquirer. Okay almost everything.

So which celebrity will I start my blog with.....
Ok I'm going to have to go with Nicole Richie. I know she's anorexic but I love the fact that her father (not even her "real" father) is an awful c-list singer (but popular in Holland for some reason), she was dumped by her best friend only to rise like a phoenix (a very skinny one). We all seem to lose weight after a break-up right?! Really I can't explain the love for her, sorry but here are some pics.

Back with DJ AM.

It looks like she gained a bit of weight in these pictures-
much better.

Apparently Naomi was arrested for hitting her assistant/maid in the head. Said maid then needed five stitches.
Who knew getting arrested could look so good.

It's over!!!

His new beard......also a model.

Spring is almost in the air and accor
ding to some women's magazine, I read on the plane these are some do & don't s. Here are some that I remembered.
  • Tight Jeans- don't, looser fitting jeans are back (I need to get rid of some jeans)
  • Yellow and turquoise -do (I have a turquoise dress)
  • Cork heels- do (need to buy a pair)
I was thinking about commenting on the recent pictures that have come out of Whitney but it's just too sad to even go there.

Now on to books. I just finished up the Good Life Jay by Jay Mcinerney. This book has been everywhere and it got a good review from the Village Voice (which is another example of VV's demise). My expectations were pretty high- the book is about (or so I thought) how a group of New Yorkers cope with the aftermath of 9/11. It has been touted as the first book that honestly deals with the topic- NOT! I was so annoyed with these whiny, pathetic characters that I finished the book in two days just to get them out of my head. I've now moved on to 'Gilead' and so far I won't comment but this one may be a struggle as well.


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