Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Game Theory

I know the posts on this blog have been somewhat infrequent. But we're going through some changes and hopefully next week we'll be back to posting 4x per week!

I rarely watch T.V. since there is rarely anything on my television (I don't have cable). Sunday night was different, by accident I watched the series 'The Trap'. What is 'The Trap' you ask? Well it's a series on BBC2 which explains "the origins of our contemporary, narrow and limited idea of freedom." (those of you in N. America may be able to watch the show on BBC America)
Sunday night 'The Trap' focused on 'Game Theory'. No! Not the Root's latest album but the theory that humans are always out for number one and good deeds are only done when they are in the self interest of the person doing the good deed. Interesting stuff, right? But you're probably wondering what does this have to do with gossip.....

photo courtesy Just Jared

photo courtesy Just Jared

Well guess who decided to show up at a refugee camp in Chad with a photographer and Newsweek? Angelina Jolie, the master of Game Theory


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