Thursday, March 01, 2007

Better late than never

By R.L.
Desperately Fabulous Contributor

I know this post is almost two weeks late but things have been busy and the editor went on an extended vacation. Let's break down the events I attend during the NBA all-star weekend.

The Good
Celebrities where everywhere and for the most part most were willing to stop and talk for a minute. The biggest star surprise came when I ran into 50 cent at the Palm's Casino. After letting his ten 300 pound bodyguards know which blog I wrote for and then saying I thought rappers Cam'ron & Ja rule were whack. His bodyguards went and got him for me and before you knew it I was giving dap to the biggest rap crew in the business, well not height wise but you know what I mean. After a few drinks 50 and his crew had to make their way out to a club appearance but 50 cent made sure that if I wanted to stay and drink it would be on his tab. The funniest part of our meeting was when some girl in the distance said is that Mase with 50? See and some white people tell me I look like Pharrell Williams.

* Women, Women & Mo women! To all the young ladies that conducted themselves in the right way all star weekend I say "thank you". I was little worried that having All Star weekend in Vegas would be like having Mardi Gras in a casino. Most young ladies I saw weren't dressed like they where going to a Lil' Jon video shoot but rather like young women going out to have a good time. Majority of the ladies I came in contact with were on vacation from work, school or just wanted to take in All-Star weekend. I've always said in order for women to start finding good men they must first start being good women & if the women in Vegas are any indication men have a lot to look forward to.

The Bad

* Have you ever heard the praise "too many people can spoil the party"? That's exactly what it was like on the strip during one day in Vegas. It got to the point by Saturday I was taking the monorail back and forth because the streets were just too packed with people. While walking along the strip I heard an elderly man say if this many people would have came out and voted, George Bush wouldn't be president. Like Kanye West said 'we can't make it to the ballot box to choose leadership but we'll make it to All star games & to the dealerships'.

* If I see a another grown ass man in a white T-shirt I'm gonna call his momma. I saw so many white shirts during all star weekend I thought the Klan took over the strip. I think white t-shirts should only be sold to kids under 18 because it's obvious grown ass men just don't know how to dress anymore. And then some what to turn around and say that a women is stuck up because she won't talk to them. Think about it, do you think your father got your mother by wearing a white t-shirt?

Hit or Miss Rumors

* I know most of you already have heard or seen Britney Spears on crack. First she shaves her head then she shows up at Kevin Federline's house demanding he bring the kids out of the house. The only problem was that it was 3 o'clock in the morning & raining outside???? I know one thing is for sure Christina Aguilera is somewhere saying "I told you that bi*ch was crazy"

* Rapper Foxy Brown was arrested again for assault in South Florida after a disturbance broke out in a beauty supply store over hair glue. Now I could say something funny about this but if she's fighting over hair glue for some reason I think she might come looking for me & honestly I don't need those problems.

* Ciara has categorically denied that she has a relationship with 50 cent. Whenever you have to categorically deny anything it's most likely true.

*Puffy's son Justin was sighted this week getting lap dances at some club, the problem was he's only 12. When ask about this Justin just said "take that, take that".

* Rapper Akon said this week that he could have had Beyonce & Alicia Keys at one time but chose not to? Have you people seen Akon? I'm going to take a guess and say this, he's off that purple stuff with this. I mean if you're going to lie about women wanting you at least stay in your same field buddy. As Jay-z would say "We don't believe you, you need more people"


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