Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Time For A Reality Check

Check #1
Al Gore has or should have better things to do than help out Lindsay Lohan. If he does not have anything better to do than help her than he is welcome to come to my house and clean the kitty-litter boxes.
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Check #2
I really dislike Lionel Richie. The guy seems to be very popular in Europe and I just don't get it. He is so darn bland and greasy looking. Instead of coming to Europe once again for some Wonderbread level concert, how about you help your adopted daughter. Not only is she not eating but now driving drunk. Whatever happened to MADD?
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Check #3
To the guy that punched Pauly Shore during his unfunny comedy act, next time hit Carrot Top too? If you didn't read the story: Pauly was on stage telling some unfunny crap jokes. Some cowboy did not find him funny. He jumped on the stage and punched Shore in the face. Pauly dusted himself off and as he was walking off he called the audience White trash hicks. (Mostly fake but I stand by my Carrot Top comment)
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Check #4
Lady of Rage, it is time to stop rocking the afro puffs. What are you 40 years old? Go with a real afro and lock it down. It is just not cute anymore.
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Phone check homie


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