Monday, December 11, 2006

The world is filled with if(s) and why(s)

I know, I know, we only had two post last week. But they were great post damn it! When we at DF write up our New Year's resolutions, we will be sure to promise ourselves to post five days a week. Like with most resolutions we'll break it but we will definitely aim for four post per week. It's the quality not quantity. Now on to the gossip.....

Oh look Venus Williams and a body builder in a dress. They look cute together!

Oh wait, it's just Serena. Funny how Serena still seems to be hitting the gym but can't win any tournaments.

ANTM had a party for the current and pass winners. Former winner Naima made an appearance.

I think she got her invitations mixed up. "I thought Friday was the 'Lesbians love leather' party not the America's Next Top Model party"

And Angelina Jolie is of course too cool to actually look at fans while signing autographs. All the best because they would probably melt in her glow.

And reportedly Rob Lowe turned down the McDreamy role on Grey's Anatomy. What if.....

Shame because Patrick Dempsey is getting on my last nerve.
Source: PopSugar

I recently read an interview with Rain Pryor (the daughter of Richard Pryor). In the interview Rain said that she didn’t meet her father until she was a toddler. The first thing he said when looking at his daughter was “No denying this one.” So let’s hope that Eddie Murphy can follow his idol and when little scary is born he can repeat those same words.

Muary: You are the father of 'little scary'!

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