Friday, December 08, 2006

The rap wars: let's fight like it's 1995!

By R.L. Desperately Fabulous Contributor

Ten years ago Biggie Smalls asked 'What's Beef?' And unfortunately he found the answer on a nondescript Los Angeles street. And it seems that this generation of rappers may have forgotten the answer to Big's question.
In this month's issue of Complex Magazine, Lil' Wayne takes offense to Jay-Z saying he's hip hop savior. Lil' Wayne goes on to say in the issue "I don't like what he's saying about how he had to comeback because hip-hop's dead and we need him," He continues,"what the f**k do you mean? If anything it's reborn, so he's probably having a problem with that. You left on a good note and all of the artists were saying, "Yo,this is Jay's house. He's the best. Now he comes back and still thinks it's his house.... It's not your house anymore, and I'm better than you."

Damn! This is wrong on so many levels, I don't even know where to begin. When did it become cool for Daniel son to disrespect Mr. Miyagi? And who the hell is Lil' Wayne? Has hip hop come to the point where somebody can just come off the street and talk about one of the greatest rapper of our life time? I have never heard anybody call Lil' Wayne the greatest rapper alive. But I have heard Lil' Wayne call Jay-Z the greatest rapper alive. If you're looking at this just through the music point of view ask yourself the following questions: How many Lil' Wayne albums will you be playing ten years from now? How many Lil Wayne albums do you own?

The rule from now on should be, a rapper must have at least have one classic album before being allowed to diss Jay-Z. If not, your diss will not be seen as an official diss but rather just a mis-understanding. Part of the problem with today's hip hop has to do with "hatin'". Where I'm from if you speak out against someone who hasn't said or done anything to you that's "hatin'". Example, if I'm walking down the street and I see a pretty young lady with a guy and I say he's ugly and she should be with me, that's "hatin". So the bottom line, is that Dwayne Carter A.K.A. Lil' Wayne (His mama named him Dwayne so I'm a call him Dwayne) shouldn't hate the player but hate the game.

Nas Vs Carmen A.K.A The Baby's Mom

For those of you who don't know what's been going on with Nas and Carmen just turn on Jerry Springer and you'll get an outline of what these two have been doing the past few weeks. Nas' baby mama Carmen has been doing a radio tour discussing her first tell all book aptly titled "It's no secret". Now this is where it gets interesting in the book she talks about having sexual relationships with Allen Iverson, Jay-Z and Sean " P Diddy " Combs. A odd twist in the book comes when Carmen says that Nas was physically abusive to her. Nas has gone on record as saying he has never hit Carmen and she's just out to make money off him. Picture a baby's mama trying to bring down her baby's daddy. I swear the only thing funnier then watching a baby's mama and daddy fight is watching the baby's mama threaten the baby's daddy with those child support papers. You should have heard how quick Nas shut up when she brought them papers up. Somebody better tell Carmen to stop bringing up child support, you already saw what the fear of child support did to Ray Carruth and OJ Simpson!


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