Thursday, November 16, 2006

Keeping the Fire Burning

Another late update I know! But yesterday I was married for one year so I took some time out with my husband. Maybe if Chris Rock took spent some time with his wife and not Superhead he would not have the problems he does now. I am really starting to wonder about Superheads super skills. Maybe that should be a topic for her next book.

I was planning on writing about Eva Longoria and Beyonce playing lesbian lovers in Tipping The Velvet. But Eva has killed the rumor. Too bad because it would have been interesting to see Beyonce ruin another movie with her poor acting skills.

To add to the theme of bad acting, Ashlee 'Is it or isn't my nose' Simpson is making her stage debut in Chicago in London. If there was one family of celebrities that I could do without ever hearing, reading or seeing it would be the Simpsons. Even the Spears clan is less trashy than them. The father is just flat out creepy when he talks about his daughters breast.

Off the celebrity gossip thing, has anybody seen the ads for the snail slime skin cream? Why pay for something like that when you can get your own snail from the backyard to crawl across your skin?


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