Thursday, November 02, 2006

Glass of OJ for me and some Ice-T for Sam

I thought the days of Hollywood using shoe polish on actors was over. Maybe it is, maybe they now have some magic colored people spray-on skin tone. If so, then Angelina Joli has been using it for her upcoming film A Mighty Heart. In the film Angelina plays Mariane Pearl, Daniel Pearls wife. Some people do not like that Angelina is playing Mariane, a biracial woman, they want another actress to take on the role. I will not talk about that but say that the makeup and hair style are a perfect match.
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Hats off to Snakes On A Plane star Samuel L. Jackson for not working with rappers trying to be actors. Except for a few such as Tupac and Ice Cube, most can not act. Ice-T is a prime example of this, he sees himself as a rapper, ex-pimp, ex-drug dealer, actor, and opinion whore. I don't know about his dealing and pimping but he is pretty bad at the rest. I was so happy when he was killed on New York Undercover . Then he had the nerve to pop back up on Law & Order. Go feed your pet sharks or something!

OJ Simpson should be ashamed of himself. I know if you did or didn't kill his ex-wife and her friend. But to write a book about it and profit from it is sick. It is disrespectful to the memory of your children's dead mother. Have some class loser.


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