Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Still crazy

The National Enquirer reports Katie cracks up and Tom had to have a reality check with her. The Enquirer said crazy Katie was nervous about their upcoming wedding. Yeah right! Most likely postpartum depression. Now that Tom has a taste of it he has said sorry for his rant against Brooke Shields. Tom Cruise is still a box of Cottonelle Rollwipes in my opinion.

On to the next group of people that should be sent some place north of Svalbard: Brad Pitts parents. They made a fuss out of Angelina drinking some wine at her child's birthday party. I am sure Maddox has two nannies and three PR people to watch over him. He was in no danger during the party. What they should be upset about is Brad messing around with Angelina, she is not the cleanest woman this side of Norway.

Beyonce and her pet duck billed platypus are getting married in late November now that her keeper, I mean father, has approved. He was on the fence because of the ducks drug dealing past. Look if you believe that ducky sold drugs then you are crazy. The duck has been rapping for years, he was a teenager when he started. He did not have time to do that while selling records. The guest list includes Kofi Annan (hahaha, sure ok, the head of the United Nations has time to make it to their wedding)

Last bit for three people I would buy first class tickets to Svalbard for, Paris Hilton (racist), and the Game, were hanging out with each other. Thank goodness I don't wear glasses, if I did the combined ugly would have broken them.

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Whose Child Is This?
Too dark hair color, with red hair showing, wig? à la Micheal Jackson?
Too much hair
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