Friday, September 01, 2006

A flame is more than a candle

I’m sure most of you heard about the rumor that Ne-yo did a “Lance Bass” and came out the closet to Essence magazine. I got around twenty emails of the supposed interview. Well, it turned out to be “hoax”. Yes, Ne-yo is gay, he just didn’t admit to being gay to Essence or anyone other than the men down at the Delta nightclub. Before anyone even thinks of emailing me (as proof of his manhood )the supposed highjacked pictures from his sidekick of him being “serviced” by a female dancer, - let me just give you my credentials in this area.
1.I lived and went to college in DC- other wise known as the DL/Black gay man's San Francisco.
2.I once had a gay roommate, he taught me and my friends how to improve our gaydar.
3.The man is just GAY as hell

I rest my case!

And while we're on the subject. Stah and Al made an appearance.

Last week Al was seen again at the club sans Stah with his boys.

Hip Hop royalty

Why does Kelis look alive with personality? And Bey not so much.

And our 2nd favorite little crackhead may be getting engaged

Won't happen. Won't last. She loves putting stuff up her nose too much

And someone was looking "Real Gangsta" at the VMA awards.

I once had a little thing for Pharrell but now I could probably kick his ass.

She needs to be an assignment on 'Project Runway' on who could do the best job styling her out of the Tranny look.

Lace front weaves are nice

Except when you can see the lace. AGAIN! Fire your weave man.

And what do you think these two said to each other?

And I know we covered this in a previous post. But another photo of Aretha with her two twins fully exposed



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