Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Michael Richards is not Kramer

If you have been living in a cave then even you know that Michael Richards went crazy. He was doing some lame stand-up while two men were talking. Richards told the men to shut up, he then stopped his act and went off on the guys using some very strong words. He called the guys nigger and said they had done the same thing 50 years ago they would have been hanging from a tree.

Below is a clip from the show

As you watch the video you can see people at first laughing, then after a minute people stop laughing and start to walk out. It must have really sucked to be that guy that has to come on stage at the end of the video. The owner said he let Richards return to the stage the following night because he thought Richards was going to say sorry. That did not happen.

Monday night with Jerry Seinfeld was a guest on David Letterman. There was a video link with Richards so he could explain what happened. Richards tried to say sorry but came off as less than sorry. It has been floating around on messageboards that Richards will try to cover this up. He may come out has an alcoholic or hooked on some pills. He seemed to get angry again during the apology.

Here is a preview for the video link up, while Richards was speaking some people begain to laugh. Seinfeld told them to stop and said what was happening and what happened was not funny.

Is Richards a racist? Lots of comics get heckled, lots of comics have it people talking during their act. Does that mean they also have a right to act the same way? Of course it does not, nobody should act the way Richards did, nobody should say such ugly words. I want to believe that the funny Kramer and the guy that played him is not a racist. Remeber the black and white cookie? Who knowns, at first I wanted to call him racist but after seeing the two videos, I am lost. He was wrong for saying such ugly words that should never be used by anybody. But I want to believe the best and think he tried to make a joke out of it but failed. It failed really really hard.
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"You said you were bringing a white boy home, not a fool!"


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