Friday, October 06, 2006

Anna Nicole Smith- it's all about logic

Janet's new album 20 y.o. debuted at number 2 this week.

The low showing is apparently putting Jermaine Dupri's job in jeopardy. Here's the thing, the album is not that bad. Janet's voice just is not strong enough to carry off some of the weaker tracks. Janet probably needed to go back to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis or maybe even Timberland. Chin-up Jermaine you engineered one major comeback this year (Mariah Carey), can't win them all. Some days I ask myself why I'm not a record executive.

I think Katie Holmes wants to marry Posh. Posh is around the same height as Tom. Plus, Posh can make her smile.

Holding hands sans baggage in Paris

Can someone explain to me who the hell Scott Storch is and why Kelly Rowland is crazy enough to have her picture taken with him?

I have a strong urge to punch him in the face.

Ahhh happy times. Anna Nicole Smith's wedding day to her creepy lawyer. Something tells me that the happy/deranged look on her face is not all natural.

It all seems so logical. Son dies in your room shortly after giving birth and to wrap up the week's events the logical thing would be to get married. This whole craziness seems like a storyline from Young & Restless or All my Children Is Anna really from Pine Valley or Genoa City?



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