Thursday, September 14, 2006


Whitney is leaving Bobby Brown but was anybody surprised by this? I doubt it. Bobby lately has been hanging out with Superhead a.k.a Karrine Steffans. Karrine said they were just friends but with a nicknane like Superhead who can believe they were just hanging out.
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When they first were married many of us doubt it would last so long. Classy Whitney marrying bad boy Bobby? Crazy. But through it all they lasted 14 years. Had one child and suffered one public miscarriage.

After some time rumors started that Bobby was beating Whitney, that he had more children from affairs. Whitney's music career floundered and her supposed consumption of alcohol increased. Word was that she was hooked on drugs. Bobby's sister sold supposed photos of Whitney's bathroom which was dirty and littered with drugs.
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Meanwhile little Bobbi, their daughter, circulated photos via MySpace of her posing in a bikini poolside. Many were worried that she had health problems.

What is next on the agenda? Will this be very public with nasty words exchanged from both sides or peaceful for the sake of their child? Only time will tell.

In more artist news, R.Kelly will finial get his day in court. I hope he does not start peeing on the judge.


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