Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm the Michael Schumacher of rap....

Jay Z made a trip to Amsterdam on Friday night. I actually attempted to get free tickets (this blog does count as journalism). Well I got a 'yeah right' and the people at the Heineken Music Hall never called me back. To add insult to injury my boyfriend had to work Friday night, so no luck in going to the after party at the coffeeshop.
So this is how you un-retire huh? I have mixed feelings on this one. The rap game is in such a sorry state that part of me welcomes Jay back. But then since he is the self proclaimed Michael Schumacher of rap then maybe he should act like it. Michael just announced his retirement after winning the Italian Grand Prix and will retire on top. Michael probably needs to give Jay a call.

Just are some pics from Friday's show in Amsterdam. Thanks OuXu

Still holding it up.

I heard Memphis Bleek was also in the house. What he’s still rapping? Since this isn’t an hip hop blog I’ll leave the subject alone.

He just can't stay out of his girl's closet

Kanye West and Fiancée during New York fashion week.



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